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05-25-2013, 09:47 PM
I am a part of a very active, well organized, very caring and dedicated gaming community called Synergy. Synergy has been around for over 3 years and first started during beta of Star Trek Online. We are Federations, Klingon's, and now Romulans!!! I am here today to recruit for our Romulan side. We truely are a very awesome gaming community, and I really mean that! We have a very organized website, as well as team speak 3. We have a very dedicated and wonderful community leader. We have very awesome game leaders and officers and staff. We are more of a family rather than just people playing. We care about every single one of our members, and yes there are a bunch of us! If anyone is interested in checking us out, our website and team speak 3 is posted within my signature below. Please feel free to check us out and even hop on our team speak 3 to chat with us!!

Hope to see you there!!!


I don't see where I can add a signature to my posts, so I hope it is okay to put my website and team speak 3 here:

Website: www.synergy-community.com

Team Speak 3: ts3.synergy-community.com default port and no password

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