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failed to order or to buy zen, kept getting errors with "Browser Setting", and I don't trust 3rd party paysites because they are prone to hackers.
even I tried to upgrade my subscription to lifetime, and still get errors, and then I checked my account saying my sub will end on date within 2 weeks, and cant change back to active.
I didn't make cancellations, there something I really don't understand.

Sony had better and safer system and less errors with "Station Cash", but with PW's format, why so much frustrations and misleading?

need help please before deadline get time up. if this is personal, then I am not aware of some rules and not sure where to look for information I need and to fix it.

I am exhausted from doing with Internet Options to have it clear but still getting errors, so I decided to have my Internet Option back to where it is suppose to protect and forget it.
so I think it is that "Zen" page need to check.
I even tried cookie cleared out, nothing works. I don't know how many other folks still having problems with PW's Zen site or billings.

now I am going to miss this LTS offer and forced to wait for next offer, but maybe I might not have money next time.
I also exhausted searching all the tickets, there no info I need or any answer, there too much is missing.

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