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05-26-2013, 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
You just said it-more of everything-which means it's NOT like a BoP, it's NOT stripped to the essentials. "More of everything" is, in this case "Training wheels".
Its not training wheels because lets compare it with the T5 Defiant.

T5 Defiant can cloak but have to waste a console for it and its cloak, not even battlecloak and it have just 3k more hull but 1 less turn rate, one more tactical console and one less science console and have a Lt. Cmd Tac instead of it being universal.

The T'varo is pretty much a Defiant with build-in enhanced battlecloak, a universal Lt Cmdr and a console slot swamp because it wasnt build from a raider, it was build from a escort.

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