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Hi there my game since the update to LOR is intermittently crashing with the following error msg

Fatal error: There is not enough available video memory(D3DERR,OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY) While while creating a render target texture. Please choose lower resolution settings, or close other graphics application.
Techencial Details: D3DERR.OUTOFVIDEMEMORY while creating 2d render target texture size 3072x2048 (RTEX_NVIDIA_INTZ_)
Note the bit in red changes in size

This is occurring in social zones such as new romulus, ESD, or orbit outside DS9, K-7 or ESD and also in sector space and occasionally when changing maps. Note never disconnects when launching into a Fleet action or starting a Feature episode.

Clocked frame rates, and in space average is 60 fps floats between 56-79 fps
Ground is steady at 31 fps but varies between 22-43 fps

I've been using the same graphics settings for the past 2 years and never had this issue once in the whole time in fact my card before LOR could handle the game maxed out with slow down in heavy space combat, i lowered my graphics in game to the lowest possible settings and still it can DC on me. It could be 30 mins or a couple of hrs of gameplay. I've run performance and bug tests on Windows and also on the Mac OS side (Running game in windows boot camp on a Imac late 09 version) no issues found. The card is capable of handling and running Blu-ray and high definition video

Specs of the Machine
Windows 7 32 bit
I5 Quad core processor 2.66 GHz
8GB Ram only 3GB usable to windows
ATi Radeon 4850 HD Graphics card 1.5GB shared memory 512MB dedicated video memory

Any suggestions other than uninstalling the game and reinstalling.

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