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05-27-2013, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by uhmari View Post
Can we please get some

360 Degree torpedo's.

Tricobolt suck ketracel tubes.

Lets buff their Damage x 3, speed x2, and give them 360% Degree.

also Other torpedos that suck

> TransPhasic

No, the reason the combat system is so messed is simply because cannons outperform every other weapon system out there. Even torpedoes at smacking the hull.

I equip my four dual heavy cannon mk12 purple critd3 disruptors on my bird of prey and with the standard omega+tac team+alpha+ambush+damage consoles and universal consoles and ships just vaporize in front of me in one pass.

I've seen crit spams in just one volley that each shot exceeded 11k damage.

My torpedo b'rel with the same equipment never has that happen even on npc ships that have no shields. It hits very hard but it does not have the crit spam the cannon bop has. Sure, a torpedo crit goes up to nearly 100k but since crits are % based their proc chance relies as much on def. vs acc calc as much as the number of proc chances you have (aka number of shots). Therefore the cannons have five times the chance of proc crit doing over 100k damage (added up) than my torpedo does (in one hit).

Then you have the issue that beam weapons are laughably weak. They simply aren't useful for hitting hard and the little benefit they had from subsystem attack ability just vanished with the new warp cores and traits that literally 'insta-fix' your disabled systems.

Torpedoes are also screwed because they are the only weapons where the damage modifiers are different. chroniton and transphasic suck because they get very low damage modifiers as well as low base damage..whereas plasma and quantum do much higher damage and nearly 6 times the damage modifier for high yield/spread than the transphasic and chronitons do.

Torpedoes dont need to be 360 nor do they need a massive damage boost. They simply need to have their secondary effects increased tenfold and be 100% chance to proc.

Beams need to be given a reason to exist. Giving them a really big accuracy advantage over cannons as well as giving them a tertiary effect would be a big step towards it.

Cannons need to be reduced in effectiveness. Reduce cannon 2ndary effects by half, decrease their accuracy, lower their damage by 1/3rd and increase their rate of fire by 1/3rd that way the weapons go in-line with the damage potential of others and they retain their spike-burst damage ability.

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