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05-26-2013, 01:22 PM
Ahd'r I'sH'd enters the bar and heads nonchalantly towards an empty table, scrutinizing the inhabitants in his peripheral vision. Sitting, he surveys his surroundings, sizing up and evaluating the other patrons.

A waitress approaches him, a PADD in hand, and an inquisitive expression on her face.

"Stolichnaya," he says. "A tall glass."

Moments later, the waitress returns with the glass, which I'sH'd accepts with a press of his thumb against her PADD. As she turns and walks away, I'sH'd slips a flattened flask from a pocket within his black leather jacket, and pours some of the contents into the glass of vodka, turning it a vivid green.

Sipping his drink, I'sH'd observes the political discussion, considering how Federation contact had changed the political landscape of Pentaxia, and how different the officers of the day appeared in comparison to historical records he had read about Fleet Captain Garth.
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05-26-2013, 03:16 PM
I'azraank despised these long haul trips... As he shifted uncomfortable on his barstool, he contemplated the renewed appreciation he felt for the tight confines of his Mazarite freighter. The cold and quiet embrace of deep space beckoned to him from beyond the viewport.

His Chameloid reflection looked back at him yearning to assume its natural form. His lip trembled as he struggled to remain composed. "So what will it be stranger..?" a voice broke through the silence, "You don't seem to be from around these parts."

Clearing his throat, I'azraank's orange eyes crept slowly upwards as he beheld a stocky, grinning human behind the bar, cleaning a glass with a cloth draped across his shoulder.

"Apologies, did not mean to interrupt you." the barman smiled.

"But, if you don't mind me saying, I've seen that look a thousand times." I'azraank only nodded, his head tilted in bewilderment. What is it that makes them smile?

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Alyosha couldn't help turning around when he heard one of the latest newcomers order his drink. His finely-developed semblance of human mannerisms gave him a wide-eyed expression.

Had that blonde, human-looking man just ordered an entire glass of Stoli?! Was he planning to down it all at once? Either they were about to have a very unruly drunk on their hands, or a serious case of alcohol poisoning.

Alexei Ivanovich had no sense of smell with which to judge whether the drinks being served in this place were real or synthehol, but most name-brand manufacturers tended to look quite unkindly on "synthed" versions of their drinks--theirs or the knock-offs found outside of Federation space--being marketed wiithout clear indication that they were synthehol. The bartender was human; he would certainly know that. And what he poured and sent back with the waitress sure did look like it came from a bottle of the real thing.

Then, to top it off--literally--the visitor pulled out a flask of who knew what kind of contraband and poured it into the glass...the glass!...with the vodka. What was that? Romulan ale? Something else?

He regarded XikJal with regret. "Forgive me...but I'm afraid one of our other guests may be about to make himself sick." Perhaps he could talk the man out of his singularly bad idea before that...or a dozen other ugly possibilities he'd seen result from humanoid drinking came to pass. "I'd definitely like to come chat with you some more as soon as I get the chance."

As he moved closer to the unknown visitor, he heard that electronic noise again--but stronger this time. His eyes narrowed. And he found...a surveillance device?! "And just who feels the need to monitor our private conversations?" he grumbled to himself.

He knew a thing or two about jamming sensors and other devices; he had to do so himself outside of Starfleet facilities, in order to keep them from recognizing his Devidian nature. He didn't have the equipment to set up a false feed here--only his tricorder, but that at least gave him enough to jam the signal.

He tapped a covert text message into his tricorder, sending it to Admiral Elessedil. <<I have just located and neutralized a listening device attached underneath one of the tables.>> He indicated the coordinates. <<Recommend you keep an eye out, sir. If they're monitoring live, whoever set the device will be coming soon to find out why they've lost their feed. Maybe we'll catch a spy. I'll be watching.>> And with photoreceptors covering his entire body, even if he had his back turned, that would be true.

For now, though, he approached the guest with the outrageous drinking habits...

And he realized that, however much he'd looked it before, the man was no Scandinavian: the presence of claws betrayed something nonhuman about him.

How could Alyosha broach the question?

He started with a simple introduction. "I'm Alexei Ivanovich Strannik, captain of the U.S.S. Chin'toka." Perhaps, if this man had sufficient familiarity with where his drink came from, his name would be enough to suggest that Alyosha had knowledge enough to be concerned about this risky concoction and what it might do.

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I'sH'd looked up from his glass as he saw a Terran captain approaching out of the periphery of his vision. He was not used to hearing three names used by Terrans, so sensed to introduce himself equally formally.
"Ahd'r I'sH'd Sh'nN'rr Ma'Li'S'rn, Pentaxian militia," he said. "Security escort to Ambassador S'rR's Kane aboard the USS Valkyrie. Have a seat, Captain."

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05-27-2013, 09:33 AM
Ambassador Tal of the Quorum glided off the transporter pad. Her blue robes trailing behind her.

She blinked her double-eyelids and titled her head to the side. "Hmm..."

With some measure of satisfaction she nodded, and slowly made her with towards the noise.

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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
<<I have just located and neutralized a listening device attached underneath one of the tables.>> He indicated the coordinates. <<Recommend you keep an eye out, sir. If they're monitoring live, whoever set the device will be coming soon to find out why they've lost their feed. Maybe we'll catch a spy. I'll be watching.>>
Elessedil doesn't send a reply. He just looks down, casually, at the coordinates set, and tries to passively sense motives about the visitors.
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05-27-2013, 11:55 AM
Alyosha would have appeared at first as though he was staring at the Pentaxian. What he was in fact doing was watching exactly how he appeared as he spoke his name. The Pentaxian language seemed to contain numerous vowels found in neither English nor Russian, and that Alyosha suspected to be nearly unpronounceable to most humanoids.

As a Devidian, Alyosha didn't speak in the same way as other beings--all of the actual work was done by a single organ recessed in what very roughly corresponded to the sinus cavities, and which functioned most like a computer's sound output. Once he had heard a sound--provided he fully heard all components of the sound, he could reproduce it as a complete waveform. The rest, while shapeshifted...the appearance of shaping the words with lips and tongue...was something he could pick up through his species' talent for mimicry.

It did not do, however, when one presented oneself to the world as human, to appear too perfect on the first try. The Pentaxian's inflections had suggested the first part was a rank. "Ahdyr..." He quickly 'tried' again, this time rendering the rank exactly as heard. "Ahd'r, it's a pleasure to meet you. Feel free to call me Alexei Ivanovich." He smiled. "Somehow I suspect that won't be as much trouble for you to say as it is for some."

Alyosha gestured at the Ahd'r's glass. "I've never seen that added to vodka before." As he spoke, he switched effortlessly between the accents of 'newscaster' American English and the Russian of St. Petersburg. "Is that intended to neutralize some of the alcoholic content?" He'd heard of such additives before, sometimes even used by delegations on away missions to partake where culturally required, without the risks of drunkenness and alcohol poisoning. But he'd never seen one that was green before.

And behind him, though he did not turn his head, Alyosha simultaneously watched to see if their spy would return...

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"You have an excellent ear, Alexei Ivanovich," replied I'sH'd. "Likewise, feel free to call me I'sH'd, afterall, we are all captains here, and I would not expect off-worlders to use my caste-title of Sh'nN'rr."

He paused, swirling the contents of his glass before taking a mouthful.

"Actually, the vodka is the diluting agent... This is k'lrr liqueur. I would offer to share it, but its alcohol content is simply toxic to most other species." I'sH'd chuckled momentarily. "I once saw a Klingon drink a cupful, bark something I couldn't understand, then pass out and soil himself. His shipmates found it rather amusing...

"We Pentaxians have a considerably more efficient system of blood filtration than most species, the alcohol in this glass, is no worse for me than, is the Human expression 'Cigarettes and Brandy'? It was actually the lounge hostess aboard the Valkyrie who suggested the mix to me -- the vodka increases the viscosity of the liqueur, gives it more texture, without compromising the flavor."

I'sH'd pondered a moment, before taking another sip of his beverage.

"I believe you made first contact with the Mu'Naii?" he proposed. "The Valkyrie visited the planet recently to repatriate a stranded officer."

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Alyosha accepted I'sH'd's explanation of the green additive, thankful that its toxicity to humans had spared him an uncomfortable invitation to share. At least in the case of alcohol he could cite personal morals (aside from the liturgical use, for which the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg had privately worked out a special arrangement), but with other types of food and drink, it could be quite a bit harder to refuse when someone pressed the point.

Alyosha couldn't help a bit of surprise--reflected in the expression of an upraised eyebrow--at I'sH'd's description of "cigarettes and brandy." Sounds like killing yourself slowly over the years instead of in one fell swoop, he thought to himself. Considering there was only one form of nourishment...though artificial...that he could take, the idea of putting dangerous substances into the body to cause intoxication and other altered states was utterly foreign to him--and resulted in a series of increasingly ridiculous mental images as to how such a thing could even be accomplished with his underlying physiology. Stupidity, he concluded. All of it.

Then the conversation turned to the Mu'Naii. That wasn't a pleasant memory, and despite himself, he reflected his disdain outwardly.

"I can't imagine that was an easy task," he said. "And I pity the poor officer who got stranded there. With some of the things I saw on my visit--and other things I suspected but never did see--I would not be at all surprised if they were the type of people who tortured their prisoners. Or just locked them away to die. Did your officer make it?"

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I'sH'd nodded and took another sip of his drink.

"The boy was resourceful and made himself a shank for protection. He endured the experience and needed only a clean uniform and a hot meal before he returned to duty," he replied. " I presume you recall Premiere Yurass? Would you believe that he tried to simply return a crashed fighter without its pilot? If the Ambassador hadn't picked up the Ensign's distress beacon, he would still be rotting in their prison for crimes against agriculture! On a more satisfactory note, she arranged for Yurass to attend a diplomatic audience with the Empress -- I would give the ashes of my father to be witness to that meeting..."

He raised his half-full glass.

"To the Empress Ch'K'rr, and the wisdom of her judgements..."

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