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05-23-2013, 12:01 PM
Yes, After LOR I cannot play (when and if I can log in) I have a motion sickness issue and certain gaming engines cause me to become dizzy and nauseous... I started playing STO while out of work from a surgery for 6 weeks and I pretty much played this night and day ever since... with the release of LOR I cant play 15 minuets without feeling that dizzy feeling... not sure what changed graphically but it may mean its time for me to fine another game.

and I waited a few years to find a game I enjoyed... oh well.

: (

Hoping somehow its a temporary difference but I've played other games for years and then a major patch changes the client and its over for me.
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05-28-2013, 05:10 AM
Originally Posted by kirisee View Post
The game graphics have been updated all through the game, much higher res now.
Actually that isnt true. They arent "higher" res. This was explained in the BETA. They graphics were not "upgraded" but "updated". So some textures llok worse because its more noticble.

Regarding the OP. There seems to be a huge issue with viewing distance. Its way way way off IMO.

There are some textures that actually load the lower grade version when you get next to them. Others dont load the "better" texture until you are on top of it. Somethings at a distance are sharp and clear while things close up are muddy. Just moving slightly can cause a texture to switch between the "distant" version and the "close" version.

If you want to see a example of every issue with the new Textures, simply play Boldly They Rode. The outside portion is a master class on whats wrong.

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