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I'm running a GTX580 video card on my i7-2000k Sandy bridge PC, all settings and distance sliders maxxed, but when I shoot my Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer's Shrapnel Torpedo, the projectiles are so small and dark-colored that they are barely visible, even with smoke trails active. Is there any way they can be given a fiery missle trail so that they are more easily seen?

Also, the 3 minute cool-down for the barely-there shrapnel torpedo barrage seems rather underpowered when compared to similar weapons like transphasic torpedoes (already the weakest projectile weapon in game). How shortening the cool-down time to 2 minutes, or reworking the console into an actual torpedo launcher that works with Torp-Spread-3 for more usability and less down-time?

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05-28-2013, 05:36 PM
I have to agree on the cooldown, it doesn't really seem to do that much so having such a long cooldown seems a bit much, but i really like the idea of beefing it up and letting it be an actual Torpedo weapon rather than just a console.

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