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Beta Antares Experimental Shipyards is a PvE/PvP/Roleplay Fleet centered around the Beta Antares Shipyards where the Prometheus was constructed and the Federation work on top secret projects.

Our Fleet is rather small, just over 50 independent members with a Tier 3 Starbase, access to Fleet weapons and Fleet Ships which has done well for itself considering the stipulations that Star Trek: Online is putting on smaller Fleets however we need YOUR help.

We are mostly based in the United Kingdom and will use the nickname BA (British Airways) due to our membership of mostly British members. However we do share unity with our American brothers so this is not a requirement for membership. We are very active and regularly engage in Fleet events and PvP practice to sharpen our skills against the Klingons and the Romulans.

We welcome our Republic allies to join us as well as we attempt to develop new strategies and new technologies in the game and we have an active Teamspeak 3 server for anyone who wants to come and hang out with us.

We are currently developing new builds for the Rear Admiral Ship Classes and developing them into the Fleet versions for ultimate adaptability in combat. Part of the fun is finding new ways to customize our ships for maximum productivity.

If you wish to join, please contact us at @Bezzin or @Benjaminbrougham for an invite

Or alternatively, you can apply at our website

or email (My work e-mail but feel free to message)

Beta Antares Experimental Shipyards - Part of the Rag-Tag Fugitive Gaming Corporation.

Thank you for reading and safe travels.

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