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05-30-2013, 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
KDF-Rom versions of these are all bugged, along with many other KDF dailies and repeatables. Because it's KDF. On top of that, KDF-PvP doesn't actually work before the old starting level of 21, because when they dropped KDF to start at level 1 instead, even though it says PvP becomes available at around level 5, and the mission shows up (for KDF only, NOT K-ROM), you can't actually challenge! Pressing the Challenge button just vomits out a "parameters invalid". Attempting to be invited to a match says that you don't qualify. So you can't actually PvP. I have no idea if the queues actually work or not, because they're always dead.
yeah it's a shame how they handle the KDF customers.

have people completed the episodes.. I think some of the rewards/missions may be tied to those
everything but the last FE, the one with the fluidic space. i find it to be extremely annoying.

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