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My small craft (A Scorpion fighter) gets stuck every time I try the in the ?A Strong Defence? Mission, I can fly for a random short amount of time, it might be 2 seconds or 20 seconds, then suddenly I find I?ve stopped moving forward (even on full power also I do find can turn slowly on the sopt), no matter what I try, my fighter will stay where is it, my flight wing of other fighters also seem to be stuck or they might be just staying with me.

At a random time I will be released and able to move again until I get stuck again, this can happen before combat starts also during this happens during combat, making me and my flight group very much sitting ducks for the enemy ships.

Full impulse, reverse, emergency manoeuvres also won't get me unstuck. This is extremely frustrating, and spoils the mission so much as it looks like it could be a very fun mission. I haven?t completed the mission as I?m sick of sitting there and blowing up. After re-spawning I can move again but then I get stuck again... and again...

Ticket number 1,715,584

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