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While on Nimbus I noticed some of my mission stages changing without me completing the current stage.

When I saw a kill count increasing while I wasn?t fighting (the stage outside Installation 18), I came to the conclusion that nearby players have an effect on my mission goals.

Some of the NPC mobs in some of the stages, don't re-spawn (or re-spawn any time soon)
in the fight outside Installation 18 it was all over ( stage complete) by the time I got there, and I waited around to see if they re-spawned so I could have a go at the fight, but no joy...

I think this happens in a few of the missions on Nimbus, but not all. I do like to see others players on the battle field, but at the same I like to complete each stage on my own (so I don't feel like I?ve missed part of the story). For example I saw in my mission log I had to kill the Chief Engineer, while I?m fighting a mob, I see in the distance another player has started the fight with the Chief Engineer, they kill him, and I find my mission log has updated with the next task....

Also while it?s nice to see other players on the map with all their bridge officers, some parts of the mission become too easy as there might be 3 or 4 players with all their bridge officers fighting one normal group of NPC?s (they don?t last long against those odds).

One example of this would be the fight outside the main gates of the settlement on Nimbus

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