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05-28-2013, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
made a thread like this pre LoR launch. guess they couldnt be bothereed to add a single new ship. oh well, trying again
*grabby hands at the K'tanco*
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05-28-2013, 11:29 AM
Fleet K'Tanco, definitely.

I'm imagining a boff layout of Commander Eng, Lieutenant Commander Tac, Lieutenant Eng, Lieutenant Tac, Ensign Sci. Consoles- 4 Eng, 5 Tac, 1 Sci. Yes, a five tactical console cruiser. Let's do this.

High turn rate- 13, same as the T2 K'Tanco. Weak hull, 35,500 or so. Just a tactical cruiser that sacrifices everything else.
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05-28-2013, 01:01 PM
Agreed , the K'tanco is one of the best Cryptic ships and doesn't see enough use being as you are only in it a very small time.

Fleet Hegh'ta , keep it as a stronger shielded but weaker hulled BOP compared to the Hoh'SuS as it is currently, buff the shield modifier slightly. BO slots are also fine for the job. Maybe add 1 point on to turn as its supposed to be nimble. Maybe throw in a extra sci console slot and make both skins available for it as the Hoh'SuS is ugly as sin.
toDuj 'oS rol.
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05-28-2013, 01:09 PM
A diversified bird of prey. KDF shipwrights should recognize there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Three variants of the fantastic B'rel suited to tactical, science or engineering(this is a stretch) mission fits. Reduced universal options for purpose built stations. Take a load off of this incredible work horse of the fleet by introducing some successors. Sell it as a three pack. Take my money.
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05-31-2013, 03:31 PM
Fleet Guramba

Hull: 34650
Shield Mod: .99
Weapons: 4 fore, 3 aft (can equip dual cannons)
Crew: 300
Boffs: Cmdr. Tac, Lt.Cmdr. Tac, Lt. Eng, Lt. Sci, Ensign uni.
Consoles: 4 tac, 3 eng, 3 sci
Device slots: 2
Turn rate: 15
impulse mod: 0.20
Inertia: 70
Power: +10 weapons, +5 engine power
Abilites: Siege mode, Javelin
Cost: T5 shipyard, 20,000 Fleet Credits and 4 Fleet ship modules (OR 20,000 FC's and 1 FSM if you own the Z-Store model)

I just threw the 10th console slot into Sci. to differentiate it from the fleet Qin, Maybe even give it a 5th tactical console? They could maybe make the Ensign an Engineer and make the Lt.Cmdr a Universial slot? Otherwise a pretty standard Fleet upgrade.

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05-31-2013, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by paradise1killer View Post

Now the Fleet Guramba Siege Destroyer

Needs 5 Tac console, the regular 10% buff + a better siege buff like more shield reg or something.
Yes please!
I love my little angry spider.
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05-31-2013, 11:47 PM
Something I really want to see, initally thought up by Shpoks and is from this thread:

BOFF stations slightly adjusted by me. Reason for this is the KDF hasn't really have a good science ship, a true science ship that is. So something with a little more diversity would be good as it would then not require another ship for players. This and it's fleet variant could work for many different setups.

To be honest I'd love to see this in a 3-pack with slightly different console set-ups. I normally don't go for packs, but this one I would.

Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Klingon D5 Science Battlecruiser

Hull: 28.000
Shield Mod: 1.25
Weapons: 3 fore/3 aft
Crew: 200
Consoles: XXX XX XXXX
Turn rate: 14
+15 Auxiliary Power
Can equip DHC
Subsystem Targeting
Sensor Analysis
Regular Cloak

[Console - Universal - Stealth Detection Canisters] (bare with me, I just slapped a stupid name)

- Can be equiped only on D5 Variants
- Launches 8 canisters and targets them (sth. similar to the Riker maneuver)
- Decloaks all cloaked ships in radius of 10 km around the ship
- +10 starship sensors for 30 sec
- +5 stealth detection for 30 sec
And the fleet version, also thought up by Shpoks and adjusted by me. I made the Lt Commander science a universal to allow for even more customisation options. Considering it would be our only true science ship worth buying, I'd like to see this no higher than a tier 3 shipyard fleet ship.

Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Klingon D5 Science Battlecruiser (Fleet version)

Hull: 31.500
Shield Mod: 1.35
Weapons: 3 fore/3 aft
Crew: 200
Consoles: XXX XX XXXXX
Turn rate: 14
+15 Auxiliary Power
Can equip DHC
Subsystem Targeting
Sensor Analysis
Regular Cloak
I recommend checking out the thread for anyone interested in the ship.

Great work Shpoks, not often a fan of fan thought up ships nor fleet ships but this one is great imo.
Originally Posted by macronius View Post
Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
We can tell our great grandchildren, "In my day, our cloaks were so sensitive that even dialogue broke them and we couldn't change our clothes!"

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