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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
ABW had a fantastic buildup but I thought the ending was anti-climatic. I felt like K'Tirr's presence in the story was totally wasted. It seemed the only reason his crew was involved at all was so Mai could show off. I was a more than a little disappointed, because I think K'Tirr is a fascinating character on his own and I love your exploration of the Ferasan culture.

That said, Sa'ana, Wilson and everything that was happening on New Romulus were all extremely compelling. I think the story would have been stronger if you'd just focused on them, maybe with some flashbacks to the T'Geren conspiracy.

As far as "The Road" goes, I promise I'm working on it. In the last week or two a combination of factors have left me with too many ideas to try to write down (for this story and others) and not enough time to flesh out what I should be working on. I think I can have the whole thing wrapped up in a couple of weeks if my schedule cooperates, but don't hold me to that...

In the meantime, would you consider working up some backstories? I'm particularly interested in how K'Tirr earned his name and how Uminoe came to be Kicur's host.
I won't make any excuses for the anticlimactic ending-I was running out of 'juice' by then and I feel kind of bad about it-I expect at some point I'll have to revise most of the story.

as for 'backstory' items...

I do intend to do a Ferasan arc at some point focusing on K'Tirr the way that I focused on D'Moj in "A Family Matter", at this moment I'm kind of stuck for an angle work that side.

As for Uminoe Kicur...that's going to take quite a bit of work to untangle in a readable way. Particularly the Kicur symboite's reasons for what it did, and how that works into Trill society and social norms.

I agree about mishandling the Herdthinner's arc as well-they didn't need to be there, and I ended up taking shortcuts when I hit some walls that I shouldn't have, same for the ground actions-the outcome was WAY under what I'd planned, I just kind of...lost the juice there, thus depriving the readers of a lot of what should've been 'goodstuff', including the Hirogen, a lot of blood and violence, and insights into the Romulan main characters (Tevek and Aarauna especially).
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