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# 1 Clones on the login screen
06-02-2013, 01:37 PM
Hello, I already reported this bug on Tribble but it went life, so here I go again. My Federation main (and he's the only one) is plagued by an attack of the clones on the login screen. His first officer seemingly stole his shard of possibilities.

In addition to her spot, she also occupies those of the Orion tactical officer and the Andorian doctor. Changing her place in the away team didn't help, so I removed her completely and replaced her with a Vulcan engineering officer. The result:

Now the Orion tactical officer has decided to turn up twice. The Andorian medical officer is still absent, but the new Vulcan engineering officer is there. After removing the Orion too and replacing her with a Borg scientist:

Everything seems normal. But I would be incredibly happy if I could have that with my actual crew. Just look at my captain. Do you really want him to keep frowning like that forever?
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