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06-03-2013, 04:54 PM
I think it comes down to a line between menial task versus dynamic action.

Menial task: Mashing spacebar constantly. Whether you do it, or have a drinking bird set up with its own keyboard to do it for you, this is a menial task that requires no thought to do. Therefore, it does not matter *how* you mash the spacebar, even if you have a drinking bird do it for you.

Dynamic Action: You've been subnuked and have to activate sci-team, or call for help if you don't have sci team. A drinking bird can't do this, but a sufficiently advanced AI could. You as a player would know if you have sci team or not, and 'know' the proper response. That response would rely on your reflexes and decision making process, not an automatic menial task like button mashing is. Therefore it is a response that only a player should be permitted to do- not an exterior AI process.

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