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# 1 Science Captain in a BoP?
06-04-2013, 08:55 PM
Hey there!

Since I've come back to STO I've been trying to "retrofit" my existing max level characters into current effective builds, and am having trouble coming up with a BoP build for my Science Captain. I don't really need a build that uses Science stuff, hell if I could respect my BoP captain as a Tac I would. I tried using builds on STO Academy that were made for Tactical captains but I don't feel very effective at all. I'm not sure if it is because I am not playing to my strength, just came across a bad build, or am just a bad BoP pilot. Would anyone mind helping me come up with a build that is currently effective in PvE and plays to a Science Captain's strengths?

I would eventually like to get a fleet version of a BoP (not sure which one) but currently have to use the Hegh'ta because my fleet does not have a Tier 3 shipyard.

Currently I am using something similar to this person's build:

I don't have all the nice fleet equipment, Rep or MXII consoles, or the second RSP due to being in a Hegh'ta though.

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