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06-04-2013, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by miri2 View Post
Thanks, Tom, I... really should have looked a little more closely at page 2 before starting this thread...

As far as the subsystem targeting goes, it seems to make a difference for me, since I run a hybrid heal-boat/drain-boat build with my Varanus right now. It's a reaction to my realization that no matter how hard I try, nothing's going to make 4 beam arrays and a cutting beam a viable threat on a ship with only two tactical powers.
Oddly enough, the innate subsystem targeting has made it so I can actually hurt things occasionally by dumping their shield power and boosting my weapons power to 125 with EPtW 1, ES 3, and a base 70 power setting.
But I don't have any real way of tracking what how well that works, so who knows. *Shrugs.*
Good point, on a drain build, it does help. However, without stacking the cooldown DOffs the cooldown is so long that most stuff won't be available when you need it. That was the main problem I had with it when I ran Polarons/Polarized Disruptor on my DSSV/MDSSV for drain. Nothing like targeting the shields of a Gate, since thats the only that wasn't on cooldown.

I also remember struggling to make my Sci ship a viable threat to contribute to the team, it was so bad that I ended up putting my Fed Sci in an escort until the Vesta came out and let me have a decent measure of DPS to go with Science. The extra DPS from the two weapon slots, and if you're doing slower content (STFs), the ability to take cannons should be a big help.

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