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06-05-2013, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by axellightning View Post
TT doffs do raise attack patterns too you know, not just cool down
The increase to attack patterns is insignificant. Now what if the Conn Officer doesn't proc and you're left with no TT for 15 seconds? Which in PvP 1-3 seconds is the difference between getting that crucial heal to save yourself or becoming a dusk cloud waiting to respawn. Wouldn't it be better to have no gap (other than the Natural 5 sec) with TT and no gap with EPTS? Or get your attack patterns back quicker than boost them fractionally with full downtime Cooldown ?

I'd rather slot higher end skills like BO3,APO3,CRF2,APO1,HY3,TS3, Target subsystemX3, Than a lowly HY1 which won't do much in pvp anyway.

And the Defiant has 3 ensign slots so you could still have your HY1,TS1,BO1,target subsystem X, along with 2 TTs.

Point I'm trying to make is the defiant is a tad squishy on its own which is why if you use the doffs to make up for its flaws it can be deadly AND tanky for an escort. You can't kill people if your dead or always running away. I've been flying the defiant for 2 years on 3 different characters, tac using cannons and beams, science using cannons and beams, and tac using all Transphasics as a bomber, so I know all about this ship.
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06-05-2013, 08:20 AM
Now what if the Conn Officer doesn't proc and you're left with no TT for 15 seconds?
The con officer does not lower the TT cooldown via proc chance but per se as I understand it.

to self: +10 Starship Attack Patterns for 10 sec
Reduces Tactical Team recharge time by 8 sec
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06-05-2013, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by johnnymo1 View Post
I'm flying Defiant class ships on a few of my toons, the two that I have the most fun flying I have pretty similar set ups.
Defiant 1:
2 blue projectile weapons officers
1 purple projectile weapon officer
1 purple technition (speeds up all boff recharges)

tt1, scatter volley 1, beam overload 3, rapid fire 3
tt1, fire at will 2, torp high yield 3
torp spread 1
eps1, rsp1
haz. em.1, trans shield strength 2.
You know that technition's speeds up all boff recharges only when you use aux2bat ??
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