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# 1 Klingon newb needing help
06-05-2013, 01:16 PM
Hi there, guess this is my first post in the Klingon forum.

I have a Vice-Admiral Fed flying a Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser but the slow turn rates, the noise of the beams and the overall feel of the ship (doesnt look great, does it) was boring me to death. Oh yea, my char was an engineer.

So I made a Klingon char, tactical captain and I'm level 23. Flying a Norgh BoP atm, so I have a few questions:

- Do you guys have a optimal build (abilities wise, I'm quite sure of the point distribution) for surviving at the elite STFs? Even being a very tanky ship with a lot of defensive abilities, my Cruiser ended up getting melted as soon as it got targeted by more than one or two ships, not to mention the Tactical Cube. I was a lil' undergeared, but anyway...

- I'm feeling the Birds of Prey, but the Raptors look like a better option at least right now, for having more tactical consoles and bridge officer slots. What's the best choice for a tactical captain?

- I've read a lot of escort threads with gear suggestions. I'm assuming the Borg set + the M.A.C.O shield is the best option yet, is that correct?

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