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On 5/24 I was charged for a Gold membership. It worked till the 27th, and then I lost access to my account bank and other Gold perks. I have put in a ticket about that and several other bugs that have been plaguing the community.

I am also missing items that weren't sold on the exchange, I had 12 items in total. Now I have 16 mails with half having no attachments for a total of 8. One item was a purple warp core, and I doubt I will ever see that again, the rest was ok gear.

My Boff randomly leave their stations, and I have to reslot them and redo the skills bar

As stated in other posts here and my emails to you, I am tired of getting emails for LoR packs. I have already given your company money and haven't received what I payed for. That being said why would I ever think about giving you another chance to rip me off? So please stop sending me offers instead of solutions for more crap service promises. Also tell your reps to stop attaching the try neverwinter nights to their responses. If your company has so many issues getting this game to run, why would I try another. ANd word on the internet is that NW has more issues the STO, or atleast from the people I have spoken with.

Last week some one actually replied to the ticket I had about not being able to hand in the Borg missions. They actually told me to drop the mission and retry it! And like a fool I did and re tried two more times. I hope that got a good chuckle around the office, because it seems in hind site you already knew it was a bug so the rep in question was making sport of me.

So who do I contact to get a refund for my gold membership since it doesn't work? I have put a ticket into billing last week and no one has replied

Edit: still getting dropped from server when changing maps

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