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I just did a Crystalline Entity Fleet Action and I never recieved my marks

[6/5 8:04] [System] [LegacyFloaterMsg] The Crystalline Entity has been defeated!

[6/5 8:04] [System] [ItemReceived] Item acquired: Transphasic Mine Launcher Mk X [CrtD] [CrtH]x2

[6/5 8:04] [System] [NumericReceived] You received 480 Dilithium Ore

Did they remove the Marks part of this mission and now you only get Delithum for it? and a small amount at that?

[6/5 8:13] [System] [TicketCreated] Successfully submitted ticket ID #1,746,396.
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06-05-2013, 06:16 PM
A mark requisition pack drops on top of your ship at the end of the event. Remember to pick it up!

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