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I do not under stand why the game dumps more duty officers for science and civilians when the game require more of the other types of officer for example engineers, medical and operations. I have a ton of science and civilian when ever i downgrade officer for commons or open packs. To a point im starting to think something is wrong. Ive been storing them in my mail and when i look im just shocked how many are there 25 full mails of common science officer what the hello.
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06-04-2013, 02:26 PM
Just a guess:

There are more science and civilian TYPES than Tac.

For instance, Tac has Energy officers, torpedo officers, conn officers and shield officers. That's it. If you add in Security, it has Security (duh), assault squad, and armory officers.

Sci, meanwhile, has Astrometric scientist, biologist, botanist, geologist, warp theorist, research lab scientist, photonic studies, and gravometrics. If you add in medical, that's doctors, nurses, biochemists and counselors.

Civvies meanwhile have Refugees, traders, diplomats, advisers, chefs, bartenders, and entertainers (also colonists and prisoners, but I don't think those drop from lockboxes...?) Basically, if the roll looks for specialty instead of department, then there's a higher chance you'll get a sci or civvie than a tac.

Eng/Ops, however, have tons of specialties, so if you're not getting as many of those, that sounds a bit odd.

There's also bias confirmation, where you see yourself getting more sci/civ simply because you thought you noticed a pattern and have been looking out for them.
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06-07-2013, 08:45 AM
The way it should be done randomly is by groups, sci, civilian, engineer. then by specialization, then by a rarity chance. The only one that should be uneven for drops is the rarity. This way you have an equal chance of getting a security doff as you do a science or civilian. Throwing all into the same roll makes it lopsided into whichever group has the most variety.

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