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# 11
06-06-2013, 01:09 PM
From what i remember reading somewhere they are rebooting batman, dc intend to make a justice league movie, green lantern was the first step, superman the second. They need a batman movie that falls into the same vain as all the new dc hero movies, nolans batman doesn't.
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# 12
06-06-2013, 01:38 PM
I would get Paul Dini to write it.

I would get someone imposing with martial arts training (who can act, obviously) to play the bat, meaning they can wear the suit and scare the bajeesus out of criminals without needing moulded muscles on the suit. There would be no voice modulation work done on Bat's voice. It would be dark and serious, and Gotham would look like a major city, but with gothic architecture rather than looking like a generic city (never thought the Nolan one looked like it belonged to have the name Gotham).

They would all work as stand alone films, but have ongoing things. Something like:

The first would involve the Penguin bringing in arms weapons to fortify the criminals of Gotham against the police and the Bat. He could have Deadshot and some other named guys as the muscle in his scheme.

The second would feature the criminals getting desperate as chaos starts descending on Gotham. Bounty would be put on Bat's head and everyone would come out of the woodwork to get him (yes, I know, this is the story of the next arkham game, but it's a good plot). We're talking heavy grade firepower here, Gotham is turning into a warzone as it becomes a free for all with Bats out almost constantly trying to put a stop to things and straining his relationship with the GCPD who believe Bats is simply antagonising the situation. Killer Croc would be in this, similar to his Arkham appearance in terms of size and brutality and become the main villain, teasing us to his strength and power in small ways by fighting random goons in his way, or just toying with Bats. Perhaps Azreal could turn up, having been sent by the Order of St Dumas to help in the deteriorating Gotham world. Ends with a big brawl where Croc finally lets loose and kills Azreal before he can take the mantle of the bat (shocking what comic fans may be expecting) and a final big showdown between croc and bats. Croc causes life threatening injury to bats and declares gotham his, and blah blah blah goes on crazed killing spree. Bats is injured and can stay still to recover, but decides to ignore the medics and goes to finish teh fight with croc. He ends up killing croc with that being the only way to stop the lunatic (it would be unclear if this was a deliberate death or an accident, something could be worked out, perhaps Azreal could have a hand in this as a comic nod) but it would also cripple Bats to the point he can't do it any more. Word would spread that Bats now kills and knowing how tough he was before he went this far, the criminal element would leave the city for fear of their own lives. Bruce would live in retirement and every night, Gordon would put the Bat symbol on to remind everyone of the Dark Knight's presence.

The thirrd one would be a number of years later, and based on Batman Beyond. With Batman having not been seen in all these years, criminals are loosing their fear and returning to the city (all a recap in the start, in case people haven't seen the last one and to set the scene for this one). Bruce has recovered to the point he can walk and guide, but not put on the suit. All his allies have moved on to other crime ridden cities, and rather than call them back to Gotham, he begins searching for someone who can take up the mantle of the Bat. He finds a young man named Terry McGuinnes bravely fighting a group of blade wielding thugs from mugging a young family. He decides Terry will make a good batman and teaches him what it means to be Batman while fighting one of the Beyond's major characters who has set up shop in Gotham and is trying to bring teh city to it's knees/take over it/whatever that villain plot would be based on the character from the series.

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# 13
06-06-2013, 05:23 PM
Ok this is what I would do with a new Batman, note I don't know who to use as the Villains in the movies yet, so I will post Major Villain to show their stop in my idea:

1.1st movie No opening story for the Bat, we all know what happen there. Instead I would open with a few Criminals doing there thing in the city, and the Bat rolls up on them to stop them. In the shadows one of the (Major Villains) is looking on, plotting his next move.

2. I would introduce Robin in the 1st movie, he takes to the streets after his family is killed at the circus, and he is hunting down there killer, who is working with the (Major Villain). The bat seeing this early 20s Robin, takes him under his wing to train him as his partner.

3. The 1st movie ends with Robin coming face to face with his families killer, Robin wants to kill the bad guy, but Batman stops him. Robin turns his back on Batman and quits the team. The major Villain gets away due to the issue with the killer and Robin.

4. 2nd Opens with Batman staking out a warehouse, where the (Major Villain) from the 1st movie setup a new operation, but a new Hero breaks in before Batman can act. The Major Villain escapes, and Batman learns the New hero's name is Nightwing after he gives case after him.

5. A 2nd Major Villain seeing that the 1st Villain is having Bat issues, tries to muscle in on their operations, and a gang war is kicked off. In the crossfire of the gang war, a young kid loses his family, and Batman takes him in as Bruce Wayne, when he learns he has no other family.

6. The 2nd movie ends with Nightwing and Batman having a small fight, after the gang war ends for the moment, as the 2 main players are taken into jail. Batman and Nightwing tire from the fighting, and just stare each other down. As they both look up, 2 new figures stand on top of a build looking down at them, and with the firing of grappling hook ropes, they swing out of sight.

7. The 3rd movie opens with Bruce Wayne watching his new foster kid sleep, and he can't help but feel sorry for him. Later the kid follows Bruce into the Bat cave, and is shocked to learn he is Batman, then begs Bruce to train him to fight along his side. It takes a little time, but after watching what the kid can do, Bruce trains him as his new robin, with his understanding he listens to him and never rush off without him.

8. Later on a meeting of 5 Major Villains happens in the city, and they agree to hunt down the Bat and Nightwing. They call in new muscle and bring in Deathstroke with Hush to take them out.

9. The two figures from the end of the 2nd movie would be Bat Woman and Bat Girl, they team up in my movie to take down the major villains in this movie. After they attack the 5 Major Villains, they learn of the contract hit on batman, and go off to find and warn him.

10. Nightwing is caught by deathstroke and Hush, and after a major fight he is almost killed, but manages to escape death and gets to a hospital after him hides his costume. Batman learns of Nightwings plight and has him moved to his manor for his safty.

11. The Movie ends with Batman and Night wing going up against Deathstroke and Hush, with support from Bat Woman and Bat girl. It ends with Robin coming in at the last moment to trip up Hush, as he is about to give a killing shoot to Batman, and the heros take out both the villains.

12. All is well in the city for a little while, as the 5 heros stand on top of a building talking to each other. The movie ends with the bat signal shining bright in the night sky, and all 5 heros watch it as credits roll.

It's very rough draft of what I would do, but you get my main idea of getting all the Bat Heros into this 3 movie series. I don't know what order I would use the Villians, but as you can see I would save Deathstroke and Hush for the final movie. I would use the The Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler, Carmine Falcone, and Boss Rupert Thorne as the Major Villains, and use Tony Zucco in the telling of Robins story.

Hey I figure this can work if given a good script to work with it.
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# 14
06-07-2013, 07:55 AM
Man, I will have to have fun and just guess here. I would want to go with the title The Dark Knight but can't now. I love the title of the new Superman, Man Of Steel. I will think about the title.

As far as the story, the new Batman Arkham game coming out is a good story plot and beggining for him. His origin is established, I wont do that again. What i want to do is create the next Batman that can fit into the world of Man Of Steel and the Justice League.

1. I would like the villain to be one never used before, in a live action movie. Black Mask from the upcoming game would be my choice. In this movie I would create his entire origin. Batman already exists and has already faced the likes of Joker, riddler, two-face, etc. By the way, I would keep the aspect of two-face from the nolan movies intact, joker as well.

2. The new game can work in a movie. Lets make assassins come after Batman like in the game. This will give the chance to show off different characters in the DC universe, staying true to the Batman story, building on a future JL movie, and will give you the viewer that for once, Batman is not in control of his life.

3. Deathstroke would be cool to show. Black Mask can have villains broke out of arkham asylum. So now Batman will face off against some of the greats in one movie. Other villains will vanish to come back another day.

4. Make Luthor Corp an entity in this movie. Also Queen Industries. Creating that universe.

5. Batman is still a dark, mysterious figure that people, including Gordon, wishes to see arrested until the end of this movie.

6. At the end of this movie show something, on tv news maybe, about metropolis. Show a scene or two from the man of steel on the tv like its happening right then. Just to acknowledge that in this Batman universe, Superman exists, ie ALIENS!

7. No love interest in this movie for Batman. Only girls, girls, girls. He is a million dollar playboy! Also, he has severe issues with relationships and commitment due to his well established past.

8. Add the character Thomas Elliot "Hush". I want this to evolve over the trilogy.

So thats my first batman movie reboot, He stops Black mask in the end but the damage is done to the city and the world. Some of the villains let loose are going to be villains for other heroes, such as flash, green arrow, superman, wonder woman. These villains let loose, while not mentioning the heroes associated to them, tells you they are out there or they will be soon enough.

Heck... Im gonna call it The Dark Knight

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# 15
06-07-2013, 10:54 AM
felixhex How about call it: The Dark Knight Reborn?
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# 16
06-07-2013, 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by scruffyvulcan View Post
I totally agree that origin stories for Superman, Batman, and Spider-man (and a few other iconic characters) are a complete waste of screen time.
Sometimes even the less iconic ones. Even the X-men people are familiar with, most of their origins aren't exactly known. I don't think non comic readers really knows that Storm was being worshiped by a bush tribe who thought she was a god, or that Cyclop's dad was a non-mutant superhero. Heck, I read them since the 80's and learned that last bit during wikipedia binge in 2010.

But the first X-men movie handled their "origins" perfectly well - some exposition on what mutants are and how they come into being, and then showing the first emergence of a single character's powers as demonstration.

Then it dives right into an established team full of adult mutants, their powers already developed and mastered, using those powers to battle another team just like them.

It handled the origin of a single hero in about five minutes, and then just parades a bunch of superheroes in front of the audience like they're just an everyday thing. And it went on to be a big enough movie to launch two sequels, plus a prequel and a spin off, both of which are getting their own sequels, and play a big role in the explosion of superhero movies. And even though one of them was literally called "origins," it got through the whole origin thing in the first two scenes.

Thor did the same thing, really. It opens up to as scene full of magical space vikings, and promptly proceeds to the business of being magical space vikings. It may have been one of the weaker entries in the Avengers lead up, but it still worked, and Thor is not really one of the iconic Avengers, he's not as well known outside of comic readers.

Skipping origins becomes even more effective in shared continuities like Avengers and Justice League (if it becomes a reality). Once you establish a world that is populated by an increasing number of superheroes, each new one becomes less of a stretch to the imagination, their presence and activity being part of what defines that universe.

Now, some superheroes might need some backstory. Viewers probably won't just naturally wrap their heads around a talking racoon and a tree person showing up in the Avengers continuity without some exposition, but if Bifrost dropped Thor and Loki on Earth and there was two new guys with them who introduced themselves as Tyr and Balder? Yeah, sure, more magical space vikings, most people would go with it.

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# 17
06-07-2013, 12:41 PM
hawkwing43, great suggestion. Though I don't know if I want to name it that based solely to show its a different verison from Nolan's Batman trilogy.

But with the sequal and middle movie of my trilogy, I am going to continue to tie this batman into the DC universe as a whole to prepare for the Justice League movie in the future. But in this one, I want to dig deeper into the mythology of the Batman. I want to explore the emergeance of Robin. I want to bring him in now for a something big in part 3. Since the Robin wanting vengeance for the death of his parents and Batman dealing with that has been done, instead....

1. Since the release of the villains from Arkham, the rising of an alien (Superman), in Metropolis, and the ever changing world, Bruce Wayne is going to decide he needs a sidekick. Bruce will find **** Grayson as a homeless orphan. Not knowing this will be the one to take the place next to him, Bruce begins to raise the young man and of course eventually learns that this young man has what it takes.

2. Hugo Strange will be the main villain in the movie. Strange will discover Batmans identity. The Gotham police hires him to find Batman and bring him down, along with other villains out there but Strange gets obsesed with Batman. Strange creates super strong criminals that Batman and soon Robin has to fight together.

3. I want Harley Quinn in this movie too. She will work at Arkham, with Strange but she gets obsessed with the Joker. We will see her transform and get seduced by the Joker. She will be the Harley kind of like from the new 52 comics.

I will finish this thought later...... I need to edit my first idea!
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# 18
06-08-2013, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by felixhex View Post
2. Hugo Strange will be the main villain in the movie. Strange will discover Batmans identity. The Gotham police hires him to find Batman and bring him down, along with other villains out
I understand why you suggest Hugo discover Batman's identity, but before the end sequence of the last trilogy, Ras Al Goul, Lucius Fox, Bane, Talia, and Catwoman had all learned Batman's secret identity. I might be forgetting someone. That's not even counting the villains from the first set of movies, like Riddler and Two-Face.

To add to that list in yet another movie series, would subtly suggest DC doesn't feel the Bat can cover the basics of his job. As the old joke goes, "he's the freakin' Batman". I'd find it of greater appeal to see a villain come extremely close to learning the identity, only to be foiled spectacularly by some pre-planned arrangement by Bats.

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