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Looking for a clan or gaming group that plays more than STO and a few other games; as in say close to like 10 games or more.

I would prefer most of the clan's games be F2P games over P2P or other games that are bought (like BF3/CoDBO2/MW3/SC2).

I would also prefer the voice server used by the clan be TS3 or Vent; but others can be considered if I like the clan enough.

Specific games I am looking to play are-
WoT (till at least my prem time is up, which is about 3 months or less left for me, WoT is boring me, so I don't really wanna play it much anymore unless I can get some team play)
STO (must have fed, kdf, and rom fleets)
TSW (illuminati group specifically)

I am willing to also play any games I already have (I have 200+ games on steam) and other F2P MMO's, the ones above are the ones I already play and have spend money on and/or have premium accounts.

If your clan doesn't include at least 2 of the games listed under WoT, don't even reply; unless your clan is considering a part/division for my listed games. Otherwise, feel free to reply and link me to your clan's forums/webby.

PS, if you reply to suggest me to a clan or group, link me to their webby or forum at least too or don't bother.

i will be checking for replies here often, please do not PM me about a clan/group, I may not check PM's as often, so just reply.

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