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Welcome to the Recruitment Thread of the Warriors of the Imperium

We have two Fleets: Warriors of the Imperium and Warriors of Sto-Vo-Kor

Join now and become a member of the warriors of the Imperium to fight as an Imperial Marine or a Imperial Captain, at the front lines shoulder to shoulder with our allies. Imagine it.. Races of all Planets, Romulans, Klingons, Federation alike, all united in one cause. Together we''ll be able to explore those strange new worlds, and seek out new life and new civilizations. This Fleet will let us go where not man has gone before!!.

What type of people do we need
-PVE or PVP Players
-Active members
-Forum lovers who will spread the word
-Those who want to really be apart of the fleet, and want to help us recruit.

What type of Fleet we are?
The Warriors of the Imperium and Sto-Vo-Kor, is not one of those big fleets, nor are we one of those fleets who are heavily active (We are trying to be), though we are all determined to become one of the greatest fleets in STO. We are really organised, and even if you are a newbie or a experienced player you are welcome in the fleet. Some of us do contact outside of the game, not in person, but over instant chat messages such as Kik for help if one of us is not on, or just want get to know the person. One thing we do NOT want is non team players, nor those who abuse other members.

We Recruit anyone, who is friendly. Any race or faction is welcome, as we are striving to become one of the greatest fleets. We are young but we have many members, active and not active. We do offer many leadership opportunitys and if your one of those people who want a fleet that is not that hard to advance well thats us :-). To join please contact myself Titancb or anyone you see in the fleet online or by the website, just send a PM to me, then apply.

Fleet Activity
Our Fleet is not currently up and running with set PVPs or PVEs, though we do the occasionally have one or two games together. We are currently working on making it more frequent as more players join.

Things you may need to know
-We have no age requirement
-If your one of those people who join a PVE and then walk off, you will be kicked off.
-We dont allow abuse to our players nor do we allow stealing.
-We dont use voice chat though we welcome it if we get members who request it
-Website Registration is needed, we pay for it so we wish you to at least join it.
-If you have experence in Website building or photoshop, or better yet both, you will be appointed a leadership position as long as you help
-Anytime zone accepted

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I am a new member of this fleet an I can tell you, the members in it are great. When I first started and did not know anything many of them answered my questions, gave me equipment, and even helped me get past a couple hard spots in my missions. There's someone available almost all the time as we have many members from many different time zones. We are growing quite rapidly, working on our various projects. Our star base is coming along nicely. We also have a website for each of our fleets (Federation and Klingon -- Romulan will be in the near future -- so there is plenty of opportunities for advancement). People are always donating great equipment to the fleet bank and someone will always answer your questions.

As we grow, we are doing more fleet events together. They are great fun when your team is your own fleet members. All in all I'd say, this is a great fleet to be part of and we welcome anyone willing to join.

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