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01-12-2013, 07:16 AM
Originally Posted by martakurill View Post
Wow, thanks for all of the insight. I'm going to play around with some of the ideas mentioned here and see what works best for me.

I agree with what others have said: FAW 2 & APB 2.

Even if they only ever resulted in the exact same final damage output - APB 2 will help your entire team which means its always the stronger choice.

Alternatively if you have threat control and find you are able to hold aggro very often, you could look at APD 2 for a bit of extra personal resistance (it won't be useful on structures or targets that don't shoot you however).

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06-09-2013, 12:16 PM
I use this same Aux2Bat build and have been since before it was well known and popular.

I had the same question as you of which combination of Tactical abilities would yield the best dps numbers and so proceeded to do some testing using the starbase in the Tau Dewa Sector as a target. I performed 3 runs of each combination (APB1+BFAW3, BFAW2+APB2, and BFAW2+APO1) to help avoid RNG being as much of a factor and I then Merged them in Advanced combat Tracker. To make the runs as close as possible I started my attack in each run when the timer reached 3min 30 seconds and closed to 5km and broadsided the starbase. I used no special abilities such as nadion inversion or EPS Power Transfer or anything. Only My tactical Bridge officer skills and HE and TSS The results were as follows:

AVG Hit=592.13
Crit %=14%
Max Hit 6,135

AVG Hit=602.86
Crit %=14%
Max Hit=7,159

AVG Hit=610.72
Crit %=14%
Max Hit=6,815

So according to that testing APB1+BFAW3 appears to yield slightly higher dps than any of the 3 combinations, but 3 runs of each combination is probably not enough runs to rule out RNG completely as a factor given how close the numbers are between the 3 different combinations. Also when choosing which of those combinations to run as others have mentioned there are other factors to consider. With the BFAW2+APO1 combination your gonna get good DPS and enhanced defense, damage resist, turn rate, and turn speed boost (helps your survivability), but no debuff to assist your teammates in doing additional damage. With BFAW2+APB2 you will be putting more focus on helping your team with the higher resist debuff while sacrificing a bit of personal DPS. Finally with the APB1+BFAW3 combination you will boost your personal dps while still adding a decent Debuff to help your team. I personally have 3 tacs 1 with each of the combinations and use them for different situations. In STF's and fleet actions I typically run APB1+BFAW3 to maximize my personal DPS (expecially for fleet actions since DPS appears to determine your placement) then for PVP I run either BFAW2+APO1 or BFAW2+APB2 depending on the team I'm in and the team we're against and whether or not the other team is activaly trying to destroy me as a primary target in which case I use the combination with APO1 to assist in my survival however if the other team is giving little to moderate attention to me I switch to BFAW2+APB2 at the first chance I get out of combat. I do quite well with this build. Granted it's not as tanky as other cruiser builds, but it does some nice pressure damage and has fairly good survivability.

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