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About a month ago in may-ish (might have been earlier), I noticed that one of my limited availability equipped items on a KDF character I hadn't logged into for several months was missing- specifically, his Frosted Boots.

He had an empty equip slot in his device tray (where the boots had been), and they weren't present in his inventory, in the inventory of any of his boffs, or anywhere on that character.

As this character is a space only character, the boots were essential for minimizing the time spent running across quo'nos from one end to the other to get to essentials services like the boff trainer, or the bank. They were something I never removed, and as the character had spent like three or four months in kerrat never setting foot on the ground, followed by a month of I wasn't playing STO at all, there's no real situation in which I would have removed or deleted the boots.

So I submitted a ticket to the GM team about it, shared all the information I had, and was told 'yeah, this definitely looks like some sort of glitch, but we can't do anything to replace your missing items, sorry. Just buy another pair next christmas!'

Really? That's your answer?
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06-10-2013, 12:32 PM
Unfortunately this is PWE'S Customer Support. Not as bad as other games, but still very much powerless.

I'll tell you a story. I once spent a hefty sum of money to buy the Lobi packages with the Q's Pictures, but the names between that box and the Holiday collectible box were so ambiguous and similar, that I clicked on the wrong one and bought 10 of them.

I contacted CS, and they offered a refund of ZEN. No ZEN came within a week. I contacted them again, and they said it was already added to my account. Check #2, still not there. I again contacted them, explaining the latest ZEN transactions and the balance I should have with the refunded ZEN; their response was to, between the lines, call me a liar and a scammer, and they closed the ticket.

Very much powerless. It seems the things they are good for are moderating (and by the way, the moderating rules for players in the game are WAY too lenient), and appeasing the easily swayed.

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