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06-03-2013, 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by deleroux View Post
TBR retardation, .
Dont even get me started on TBR!! In all my time in STFs I've seen it used right by only 1 person (a fed in a VA Rhode Island). Otherwise ach time someone with TBR either pushes them away from me just when I've aligned my perfect shot and out of weapons range or push probes *towards* the generators in ISE
We still live!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaa! We live and we will conquer!!!!! Hahahahahaaha!

-Roach, when asked about Klingon extinction!
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06-06-2013, 07:11 AM
My worst experience is trying to get Infected:Manus elite optional every day.

People either can't just over cubes and end up in plasma or they trying to charge the captives and dying is the best way foward.

Every time I PUG the final boss takes upwards of 20 mins due to people being bad players and having no coordination.

It's not like ST:O is hard but the Manus is just a nightmare to PUG despite being the easiest instance in MMO history.
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06-06-2013, 07:14 PM
Thanks to the power of this thread, I knew to turn to PublicEliteSTF for help before starting my first STF.

Unfortunately, the problem was that the whole team forgot to pick up the Starfleet guys that were nearly assimilated. Oops.
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06-09-2013, 09:53 AM
Am I the only one changing my STF tactics from max DPS possible to less DPS and more CC capabilities (other than GW, which is almost useless at the moment)?
On my main character, who runs Fleet HEC I retired the elite scorps in favour of advanced Danubes and on my romulan Fleet Ha'feh I converted the Lt.Com. uni station from tactical to science (PH1, TB2, TBR2)?

And yes, I almost forgot: [WHINE] Too many clueless captains!!! [/WHINE]
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06-10-2013, 09:39 AM
Picture the scene. It's around 4am UK time. I decided to do a quick infected elite before I went sleepy time.
The team was myself in my fleet mogai, someone in a Galaxy dreadnaught, a mirror prometheus, a d'derix and someone else I can't remember.
The match started out ok apart from an early blown generator. It happens so not much point in raging.

We fought off the spheres, well I say we, 4 of us did, the d'derix had decided to attack the other cube and left us to it. We got there in the end.

The other side was much easier so we started on the gate, 4 of us did, the d'derix had bailed. No matter, its still do able. So we carried on and got the gate down. Then the 3 of us that were left (we lost another one) attacked the cube.
At this point we are down to myself, the dreadnaught and the prometheus. We did a moderate amount of damage then the prometheus disappeared.

Between myself and the dreadnaught we died a lot but we got the cube down to around 10% until we both died and when we respawned the cube was back to 100%. It was now 5am and I was exhausted and annoyed at the cubes health.

All I could do was apologise to the amazing dreadnaught captain who didn't give up and explain that I had to go and get some sleep, if the cube's health hadn't recovered we could have beaten it and I feel very bad for bailing but I had no choice.

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06-11-2013, 04:39 AM
Had a stinker yesterday, though not really the team's fault.

It was myself, in my trusty Fleet Rhode Island. The rest of the team consisted of a D'Deridex, a Galaxy, a Odyssey and a Ha'apax.

Long story short, I was the only ship capable of actually dogfighting the EPtE probes, which made the instance pretty hard work!
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06-11-2013, 05:02 AM
I knew to turn to PublicEliteSTF
those public STF channels aren't any better than your average Pug.
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06-11-2013, 05:05 AM
Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
those public STF channels aren't any better than your average Pug.
well, atleast they eliminate the AFK factor most of the time ^^ tho I would appreciate an option to launch stfs without a group, to eliminate the stupidity of others completely
10k DPS Vesta threads: 1; 2
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06-11-2013, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
to eliminate the stupidity of others completely
Never gonna happen.

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06-11-2013, 03:03 PM
Ive read through a lot of these and there have been quite a few STF experiences. I have a bunch that are non-STF, but to keep with the trend i will give you my Cure (elite) story. I started with F2P about a year ago and as soon as i leveled high enough i have been doing the STFs. I started on normal, learn the ropes and move to elite. So by the time i get there i am capable. I have also learned my role when flying my assault cruiser with my lvl 50 engineer. I hit as hard as i can but mostly i back up the ships doing the real DPS. As a matter of fact that is the moral of this story, i may not have bite but i know how to stay alive.

Any way i PUG in and we jump right in. I never took the time to notice the other ships, i just hit my abilities, targeted the cube and started shooting. I realized it felt wrong when it took forever to drop the first cube and two spheres but i still wasn't taking the hint. Second cube went down and then there were folks who did not seem to know the 10% rule and we lost the optional almost right away. Now thats bad enough but i still did not notice the real issue. I fly around like a mad engineer hitting my group with engineering teams and extend shields and i think im doing ok but i cant seem to keep anyone alive long enough to do any real damage and it seems to take forever. I STILL DONT GET IT. Finally its over, i am wiped and totally disappointed and for some reason i notice it, we were all engineers. Now no disrespect. I love my engineer. But seriously you can not PUG a group full of them, you will never get the job done.

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