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Hi! Not sure this proposal of ideas for Fleet Holdings are in the right place, mods feel free to move this, I am relatively new to the Star Trek Online Forums, thank you.

1) Purchases Aid Starbase

Okay so we all chip in to the starbase and embassy, that's fine....

But then we also spend dil and fleetmarks on the items from vendors in the starbase.

Now, it makes little sense that all that dil we spend just disappears, and doesn't contribute to the fleet itself.

First, for actual FLEET MEMBERS, I am proposing, that in order to ease the pressure a bit on the Fleet when we run out of provisions or a bunch of people left the fleet just to grief it from being able to advance, and, on a more positive note, to help members of a fleet feel better about their fleet purchases, that 10% of the dil used to purchase an item from the fleet goes into a "Fleet Dilithium Bank" that can only be used for fleet projects, and dilithium cannot be withdrawn from. This dil bank disappears if the fleet disbands.

Now, in addition I am proposing a new class of fleet member, the "TEMPORARY FLEET MEMBER that only lasts 6 hours, and can only be given once a day, this class is only able to purchase from the fleet stores, no events or other activities and has no access to the fleet bank, and, none of these features of this class can be changed by the fleet leader and/or officers. This class of fleet member can be used simultaneously by the player, so they can stay in their regular fleet, and be a TEMPORARY FLEET MEMBER of another fleet at the same time.

I make this suggestion because I often see people advertising in Zone chat selling access to their fleet that has hit tier 4 or 5 starbase explaining that a player could "join their fleet and buy higher tier equipment in exchange for a donation to the fleet." The trouble is, this can be abused and the player putting in fleet marks or dil so they can be allowed to make the purchase, can easily just lose whatever they were told to pay to be able to buy the higher tier fleet items by the fleet leader or officers kicking them out of the fleet immediately after they make their "donation."

To solve this problem and get rid of this potential abuse I am suggesting these "TEMPORARY FLEET MEMBERS" whose purchases automatically contribute dil to the same Fleet Dilithium Bank that members purchases contribute to. Again, making a useful contribution just by making the purchase, but the percentage of contribution by TEMPORARY FLEET MEMBERS can be adjusted by the Fleet Leader up to a maxium of 20%. This amount helps offset the cost of the fleet provisions used by their fleet purchase.

Now anyone thinking cryptic won't do this, consider please that Cryptic can raise the dil cost of the items in fleet shops to offset any lost revenues from lost dil sales if that were to occur. But I believe this system will actually increase dil sales because players with alliances, or who have friends in a different fleet who want to help their ally and friends in other fleets, would be more likely to use this safer and more trustworthy method to do so.

And, of course, people who might want to buy a ship from a fleet with a tier 5 starbase will be able to make arrangements without it being an activity that looks identical to joining a fleet, making a bunch of contributions, and then leaving -- activity that if reported as being ripped off is very difficult to prove and an unneeded burden upon the GMs. The proposed TEMPORARY FLEET MEMBER is a system that ends being scammed by someone who has a high tier starbase and is an easy and more trustworthy system, which alone is likely to encourage more players to buy fleet items from higher level fleets, meaning a higher percentage will buy zen to get dil too.

Note that the short time of 6 hours is to discourage players from deciding not to develop their own fleet, which might occur if the TEMPORARY FLEET MEMBER had no limit on its duration in a fleet. Also, in relation to the below suggestion, items bought at one fleet are only returnable to that same fleet. Read the next section, Provision Reclaim, to understand what I mean by "returnable" and why purchases would only be returnable to the same fleet the item was bought from.

2) Provision Reclaim

Sometimes, a player, due to lag or just not paying attention to what a player is doing, will purchase the wrong item. Sure they lose their dil and fleetmarks, it was their mistake, they should pay the price...BUT should the fleet pay too?

These items should be able to be resold to a special vendor in the Starbase, that is a project itself, a "Provision Reclaim Vendor." A player can sell the wrongfully purchased item to that vendor, AND RECEIVES NO EC VALUE FOR IT. Instead this vendor replenishes the provisions used for this mistaken purchase back to the starbase. THE PLAYER DOES NOT GET THEIR DIL OR FLEETMARKS BACK, they pay for their error by this loss, but the Fleet isn't paying for it too this way. This means other fleet members who may come to the starbase to buy something after another fleet member made a mistaken purchase doesn't have to wait while the fleet does a project for more provisions just because the fleet ran out of provisions due to the previously mistaken purchase.

Just a couple ideas/suggestions that I am not sure are in the right place but figured a moderator would move if this post is in the wrong place. These ideas probably are not perfect but at least they are some ideas to help foster a healthier economy for individual players, both in dil and knowing their fleet purchases contribute to their fleet's ability to complete projects, and could assure less drama for the player who makes a mistaken purchase as well as the fleet that ran out of provisions because of that purchase.

Thank you for your time,

Allied Free Sentients Private McGillicutti, still missing Tabula Rasa....

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