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# 11 AtoB Bop
06-12-2013, 04:14 AM
Yes, this sounds weird; AtoB Bop. But this unusual build is really fun and remarkable strong and sturdy. Below my fleet Norgh AtoB build. Im running it with my tac captain, but I guess a science captain would also be great in it. I use the fleet Norgh because it has 2x LTC, which gives lot of possibilities.

Front: 3x DHC, 1x DBB
Back: cutting beam, turret (or omega torp for the 3rd piece bonus)

Deflector: Advanced Positron Deflector Array Mk XII [PartG] [Sen] [Targ] [Threat] or other positron deflector
Engine: Aegis or advanced fleet hyper engine
Shield: Adapted MACO or Advanced Fleet Resilient Shield Array Mk XII [Cap]x3 [ResA/B]
Warpcore: Overcharged Warp Core with [E->W]

Cmdr: TT1, BO2, CRF2, APO3
LTC: EptE1, AtoB1, EptS3
LT: ET1, AtoB1

LTC: PH1, HE2, VM1 (or something else)

Eng consoles: 2x neutronium, Tachyokinetic convertor or RSC
Sci consoles: Field generator, Borg, Leach
Tac consoles: 3x energy weapon of choice

Power settings: 100/25/60/15

Doffs: 3x purple technicians and 2x system engineers (chance at delayed disable from VM)

A few remarks: This build really needs some practice because it is incredibly fast and has a high turn rate. It can do a reasonable decloak spike kill, but it can also stay and fight. And when things still get too hot, you can escape easily, and cloack and fly around and make another alpha while your opponent thinks you have retreated. One of my favorite ways of maintaining arc on a target is moving backwards (because that also goes with higher speed). Also the build really needs EptS3, without it, resist is too low, and you get killed too easily. The choice of an overcharged warp core seems weird, but it is my experience that I have minimum aux offline time (max 1 sec). The E->W modifier is to compensate for the lack of +15 weapons power, which Bop?s don?t have. This build could work also on other Bop?s, but with the Norgh, the Sci LTC can be used for many interesting tactics. However, because of low aux power, VM is probably best choice, but you could also use tractor beam 3, or TSS3 if you need more defense.

addition 19November2013:

With the introduction of the omni beam array I recently switched to fleet antiproton 4 dual heavy cannons and the omni beam and cutting beam on the back. Also instead of VM, I use tractor beam. The new voth lockbox console is also great for ambush. Great results with this new setup, since the omni beam overload does also do good damage, and you gain a 4th dual heavy rapid fire. I also use 2 beam overload bleed through doffs with the 3 technicians

The boff layout and equipment are therefore now as follows:

Front: 4x advanced fleet antiproton DHC
back: 1x omni antiproton beam array, 1x kinetic cutting beam.

Deflector and engine: Borg
Shield: Jem Hadar
Warpcore: Elite Fleet Reinforced Warp Core Mk XII [EPS] [W->S] [ECap] [AMP] [SST]

Boff layout:
TT1, BO2, CRF2, APO3
ET1, AtoB1, EptS3
EptE1, AtoB1, DEM2

TrB1, HE2

I use 2x mine enhanced neutronium alloys with [turn]. The fun/crit consoles are slotten in sci. Tac consoles the new antiproton vulnerability exploiters or locators

@rudiefix Feds: Rudiefix / Thron / Opa
@rudiefix KDFs: Lill / Xifeidur / Dehr / Ugly
@rudiefix Roms (KDF alligned): Chicita

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