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06-12-2013, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Not a lead, but I am an Environment Artist.

Here's the break down of the art team:

Environment: The geometry of the map itself. Ground and Space. Anything you can run around on/in. Buildings, Props, Trees, Rocks, etc. Including Models (Geometry), Textures, Materials (how textures work with each other), Lighting, Skyfiles (what you see in the sky, and how the lighting/fog/etc. works), Simple world animations like opening doors, consoles popping up.
Does this mean you could fix the unattainable Lobi Crystal in the 'Cold Storage' mission of the Breen Featured Episode series? Someone put a giant magma rock over top of where the Lobi Crystal is supposed to be, making it unattainable.

Would be cool if this was solved before the Featured Episodes Rerun ran out, for all us new Romulans
I don't understand how Cryptic can use someone with a history of anti-gay hate speech to promote STO.
Disheartened member of the Romulan Refugee "faction"
Ashamed that Cryptic wouldn't follow up on thousands of posts of negative feedback.

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