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Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post
Decided to play my KDF character that i made a very long time ago (I got him to lvl 50 then quit)

Ok, now i want to play him properly(I want to have a go with a proper carrier, The Vesta is a bit naff), i don't actually know what's going on, as it seems the playstyle is a fair bit different to what i'm used too.
I have some questions, which hopefully some seasoned KDF veterans can help me out with!

1.) What fighter pets are good? I went with 2 Mirror birds of preys, because i can actually keep track of them!

I assume you have a Mirror Vo'Quv. The Mirror BoPs are the way to go. Same goes for the regular BoPs on the standard Vo'Quv. If you get into carriers, the Kar'fi is worth trying with additional firepower and the Fer'jai frigates.
Other usefull carrier pets are the Scorpion Fighters from the Romulan Rep., then there are the Orion Slavers (grab the advanced ones from the shipyard on Qo'noS) when they're launched during the battle they can grab contraband, comodities, EC or prisoners directly to your inventory. I also like the Orion interceptors from time to time, they can be annoying as hell.

2.) What's this about extra contraband income? How? And is it still exchangeable for 2000 dilithium? (I haven't tried to fly to DS9 without my adapted engines, i'm not sure i could bear it)

Mostly from Marauding Doff missions. Stuff like raids on Federation freighters, Federation Starbases or Research facilities, scavenging minefields and similar. Certain Doff missions that pop out but not fall under "Marauding" can generate contraband as well. Also, as I mentioned before, you can use the Advanced Orion Slavers (or fleet Elite ones) for additional income. The contraband myth is actually true, we're basically bathing in the stuff.
You don't need to go to DS9, you can change it for 2000 on Qo'noS or Ganalda Space Station.

3.) What's the best layout to go with on the vo'quv? It threw me off as it's Scienceish but turns like a brick. (Cannons/beams ect)

As others have, I'll advise you to check out the "Klingon Fleetyards" section of the forum. You can look for some builds there or if you don't find any that satisfy you - just start a new thread asking for advice, there are many KDF veterans and PvPers that visit that forum and are far more experienced than me with utilizing certain builds.
My opinion would be that it depends on what you intend to do. If you're up against more static enemies the Vo'Quv could use DHC/Turret setup, the enhancement to the RCS consoles certainly helps a bit but could still be a pain. Beams are not a bad idea and maybe a single cannon/turret layout would work, but I haven't tried that one, to be honest.

4.) Any good English fleets out there? I tried a couple that invited me at Droanza, but they are German and i don't have the faintest idea what they are saying?

For this you can check the "Qo'noS" section of the forums. Many very nice, long lasting and established fleets are advertising there so I'm sure you'll be able to find one that suits you.
You can also check out The House of Sigma in game and ask for someone online to drop you an invite. It's a very nice and friendly fleet wellcoming casual players with all language backgrounds, but our main communication is on English.

5.) Sweet mother of god why is everyone so violent? All i wanted to do was discharge a boff, Not execute him! Couldn't i just talk to those federation ships?

You made your char. long time ago as you say, so I'm not sure if you're aware, but now the new Klingon players get their first ship by killing their Captain and assuming command by the right of combat. You're a KDF warrior now, so you better act like one! Otherwise you might find that your first in command might have certain "ambitions".
For advice on that, please consult with the Lethean transporter officer in the Shipyard on Qo'noS and ask him what happened to the previous transporter officer.

My answers are in red.
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Originally Posted by igloodude View Post
Originally Posted by gfreeman98 View Post
You are Klingon! Not some pasty-faced Earther peddling liquids for the sick.
I just want to take a moment and nominate this post for whatever forum awards/medals that may be available.
Why thank you, fellow warrior. I accept donations of Zen or Dilithium, no Energy Credits.
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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
My answers are in red.
Thanks for all the advice!

Also, i do have the Mirror Carrier, and i did make my character long ago, when you just woke up next to the battle arena place!

I guess it must be some of the dialog being redone, but i was playing through some missions (For XI gear) and i was startled how violent it all was, Compared to what was essentially Copy pasta from the fed missions.
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just shut up

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