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Just posting to say all the work that was put into/released for STO/Legacy of Romulus was appreciated and good. Wanted the people who worked on it to know that. The graphical look of the game has improved. More creative missions have been added that have way more interesting plots than just blowing stuff up. The audio dialogue for Tovan Kev was graphically good looking, well lip-synched and sounded good.

There are some trivial glitches where in the dialogue window the face will show up and the hair appears somewhere else then reappears in the correct spots.
It might not happen for every player, fixing it would help with immersion and make the game look more polished.

I bought one of the Gorn ships to reward the developers for their work.

The lock boxes are very annoying though. I don't like the randomness of it. I like to know what I'm getting and I don't gamble.

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