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Greetings, Star Trek captains!

We are representing Extreme Community, a large worldwide gaming gathering dedicated for casual players, geeks, and just various folks that are interested in public relations. The Community has been serving gamers since March 2011, for more than 300 active users around planet Earth of the SOL system. We are not bound to any specific videogame, so that's how our members have freedom of choosing a favourite game to play. Moreover, there are no strict rules! Everyone is welcome, it is possible for both our guests and members to have own clans, but contribute to Extreme at the same time.

As a part of us has been playing Star Trek Online frequently, we have decided to open this section.

Who are we glad to see stopping by:
- Mature and polite people with interests of everything computing related;
- English speaking users, not necessarily native;
- STO veterans (spent much time in the game) that have a strong "Trekky" knowledge or completely new to the universe casual wanderers;
- Players that do play mostly for fun, rather to farm;
- Everyone who loves to be a part of an earnest and resolute team.

- Starfleet or Romulan Federation characters only (at the moment)!

Own group system (come, check if you like the fleet, proceed or quit), simple roleplay (in-game roles for the fleet), variety of gear to share. Open chat, game events, collective discussions, and our own game servers are for you. Every game is an entertainment, and we like to take a rest in the fun way.

How do I join? Simply PM this account on the Official STO forums or drop a message in game at @stee1max.
We will like to be chatting with you and point you in the right direction or lend a hand if needed.
Are you Extreme?

Our official website: http://extremewith.us/ Take a minute to check out for the freshest news and changes.

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