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06-15-2013, 06:40 PM
No, it's my opinion formed over the past year playing STF's.
When I see 2 or more Eng/Cruisers in a PUG, the rest of us have to pick it up a bit.
Engs are impotent because they were made that way.
You can thank the Devs for that.
Hopefully that'll change and I see no reason they shouldn't buff Engs or add some offensive bling to their skills.

Cryptic needs to make the Engineer career relevant.
I do NOT want to use ARC to play STO

"Far as I see it, you people been given the shortest end of the stick ever been offered a human soul in this crap-heel 'verse. But you took that end, and you - well, you took it. And that's - Well, I guess that's somethin'." - Some Random Guy's Epic Quote

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