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Originally Posted by hfmudd View Post
As hevach notes, and most of you youngsters may not know, but site-to-site transport, beaming directly to sickbay, etc was only introduced in TNG. This was an amazing new capability, 25 years ago. :p
Not quite - in TOS - The day of the Dove Kirk did an intra ship beam in to Engineering. At the time Spock stated, "It has rarely been done because pinpoint accuracy is required.." (Yet, lets be honest here in that MANY times they beamed onto a cramped space in another ship; or a small underground, or small building space 10,000+ KM away; or from Standard Orbital distance.

My point? Even in the TOS era, were Transporters not that accurate, they shouldn't have been able to do what we saw every week on the original Star Trek series anyway. It's something they should have (and actually had) always been able to do, be it in the TOS or TNG era.
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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
In universe, there is no vaporization, somehow everything one is is converted to energy, transmitted like that, and then converted back into matter.

However, there is the fun little book called the Science of Star Trek, at least fun if you like science. In that, it pointed out that no matter how you did it, at least as we know physics now, the act of converting an average human into energy would require enough energy to equal the total output from several atomic bombs. I don't remember the exact numbers off the top of my head, but it was enough to really damage the real estate.

Also, several times in Star Trek, the double effect has happened, one screen with Riker where there was a transporter accident and one of him when back to his ship, and the other of him got sent back to the ground where he was stuck for years until Riker came back on the Enterprise. But yes, in universe, everything is converted into energy and transfered, not just your mind.
I'm not up on TNG too well, which season/episode was that one? (*I'll have to make sure to watch it....*)

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06-16-2013, 06:51 AM
the way transportation works is that you are converted to energy and sent elsewhere.

teleportation copies you.

transporter room works as the hub.

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