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Are you lonely? Easily over-looked? Do you not have any reindeer to share in your reindeer games? Do you long for like-minded individuals to share in your STF/Fleet Mark Farming, PVP Game related activities?

Come to Lag Industries!

This is what we did last year:

F2P (Free-2-Play) went live, opening the doors to thousands of new players to enter the game including some of our best & brightest members to date. We've gained Eris Station, currently a Level 13 star base out in Eta Eridani, and also a massive bill for current damages inflicted. We've flash danced our way through ESD on several occasions dressed in our traditional colours, in LAG "Clownfits" and even in our Sunday best! We've conquered the newest variations of STFs in all their difficulties. We've played Tribble Football, had several dozen LAG employees race the length of New Romulus where they fell pray to insect bites, animal attacks, Hunter ambushes, misdirection and more then a little sheep attitude that caused half to get stuck in a rock and up a tree. We've gained some fantastic new players since this time last year including the better half of another fleet in the form of the Borg Agency of Defense (B.A.D.) lead by Gramo. We've beamed down to Defera to aid in the Borg resistance, We lost a Sehlat Cub in the heights of ESD, never to be seen again. We saw in STO's 2nd Anniversary, helped the Bajorans fight back a Dominion relief fleet from the PAST, done unforgivable sexual acts on random NPCs, moaned at the Devs for doing things too slowly, moaned at Devs for doing things too fast. We've inherited an Embassy, a new TeamSpeak 3, Managers & Coordinators. We've made our peace with the Lockbox phenomenon and picked up a few shiny ships along the way. We've become active in the PVP queues, given away Master Keys, Mk.1-12 consoles, guns, shields, engines, armors, cannons, beam arrays, exclusive item codes, Fleet Ship Modules, an Orb Weaver, our time and our energy to fleet events. We've started writing guides to farm dilithium, build ships, run missions and make use of what the game gets us. We've built a tower of shield barriers, used Gamoto Pets as moving targets, tried mining for Dilithium on an asteroid, celebrated the 1st LAGiversary at Drozana Station, found a way to beam outside of ESD and looked into the station from the ledge, led a 30-man conga line, had drunken Friday nights on TS, spent 3 hours on a CSE before giving up and stumbling away drunkenly. run twenty man fleet actions to save our starbase, been told off for jumping on the furniture, bought a fish tank, taken advantage of Admiral Quinn when he zoned in random places around ESD, frolicked around Starfleet Academy, watched a giant photonic Andorian run through a wall at Starbase K-7. blocked each other in corridors with cover shields, run PVP premades with other fleets, had costume contests, story contests, caption contests and screenshot contests. We've invaded the world of Team Fortress 2 and Civilization 5, shown off new C Store ships and sexy new uniforms. We've done "Planking", chased Epohhs, jumped off a water fall, harassed members of the public with Party Poppers, visited never before seen shipyards and watched a monkey jump off a pot plant. We've vanquished the Snowman Overlord and his evil festive flunkies, raced around Q's Winter Wonderland, sent rude text messages to each other at ungodly hours of the morning, had arguments, had makeups, had romances, bromances and Jackel Mastiff-mances.

I wonder what we'll get up to in 2013?

We're moving into the realms of PlayerVsPlayer gameplay, looking to develop a RP group and generally continue building a little home where you can skive off work, responsibility and spouses. We have a large active playerbase from all over the world!

If you'd like to be involved in the GIANT wall of text that'll probably get written for 2013:

Register & apply at our sexy website @
Send a mail to @Aquitaine985
Jump on our TS3 Server (
Create a highly complicated form of communication using breadsticks, bottle tops, seashells, grunting and random pieces of office stationary, and hope we can understand you.

Come check us out, we won't hurt you! Except on Dominatrix Tuesdays.

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03-18-2013, 06:18 AM
**Shameless thread bump**

Though we still take any potential new members that Believe they can further enrich our fleet, we are currently seeking out fresh PVP talent.
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04-16-2013, 11:18 PM
Not yet been hacked!
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06-17-2013, 04:08 AM
Now 27% less saturated fat then any other leading brand of STO Fleet!
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# 5
10-10-2013, 01:27 AM
Got bored. Changed the contect details. Boredom ensues.
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10-10-2013, 05:47 AM
Rude that nobody even responds :/

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