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Yesterday, I finally got a chance to visit Nimbus III for the first time since the launch of Legacy of Romulus.

It was a awesome!

(Warning: Possible Spoilers ahead)

Great initial beam-in cut scene... Seeing the "Paradise City" bridge slowly pan over to "Lost". Brilliant! The place had a wonderful Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome meets Dune feel to it that I really enjoyed. Out the back of the city, looking out over the cliff at the open desert. It was shockingly real. Great depth. Beautiful. I just sat there staring for a while. I expect to revisit that look-out point often.

Running around the city it felt grungy and rough. Such wretched hive of scum and villainy I felt the need to be cautious as my captain walked in and talked to Horace Jones. I loved Horace's VO lines, brief as they were. In fact, all the new VO in LoR really does add wonderful spice to the game.

From there my adventure began... I completed all the Wasteland missions. I just couldn't stop! Fantastic story! I really thought this was some of the best storytelling over an arc of missions in the game. From the moment I first dealt with Jones and 'Eight, and their distrust for me/attempts to strand me dead in the desert, to the Law subplot. Hassan and his Orion Syndicate. The Gorn. The Tal Shiar. Really, really well done meshing all these factions together in this Adventure Zone, and giving proper, acceptable reasons why they are all there.

Sure, there's the "No One Could Do It But You"-slant that some could argue taints the story, but c'mon, it's a video game, and I'm the Star. Of course, I save the day. I'm ok with that.

Other things I like: I loved adventuring with my full away team again. It was a little odd the first time they sort of faded away at the city gate, but having them with me in the rest of the Zone was refreshing. Nimbus III had a good "open world" feel. Not quite as big as New Romulus (or if it was, things felt closer to each other), but still expansive. Loved the spawning bosses (like the Nausicaan Warrior, Giant Scorpion, and the Worm Queen), I like that they are just "random" encounters, they award a small bit of Dil, and are fun little fights. And they have Accolades tied to them.

Speaking of, as an Accolade Hunter, thank you for all the fun things to hunt out. I had a good time climbing/hopping around the roofs of Paradise City, climbing through ship wreckage, and jumping off bridges. Thanks for the (perhaps over-spawning, such that it breaks realism, but I don't care) Desert of Scorpion Beasts. Finally got my Beast Hunter accolade. Some of the accolades (Nimble on Nimbus, for example) were tricky to get. Please don't make them easier. I enjoyed the challenge. Others, I loved the name (Why are you Climbing a Mountain?). Thanks for bringing the lulz. Heh.

Hassan's Nightclub/Stronghold was amazing! The lighting was great. The crowd was interesting and cool, both the "background" people and the NPCs we interacted with. I had some issues navigating around the different levels/areas (some of the grate walls were hard to see around), but didn't mind it as it gave me the feel of being in a obnoxiously loud/busy club (where, in real live, it is hard to move around). Dancing Orions (of both genders) were sexeh eye candy. The "Gladiator Pit" fights were really fun, especially so with the Announcer's VO. And the end, where Hassan calls for our heads, and the whole place comes after us, was exciting!!!

I really wish Hassan's was a social zone we could return to (and possibly participate in more pit matches and other stuff).

The Tal Shiar base was wicked. I mean it had a hint of spooky to it, visually, and the story is just plain creepy. You people been watchin' too much Saw and Hostel movies, me thinks. LOL I exaggerate, of course... But really... Mind control, torture, experiments on people... >shudder< Gruesome stuff to think about. Dark story, but well done, and fun to adventure through. I like the tie-in with the LoR Romulan Story arc, meeting a certain relative. And later dealing with a One Eye TS Boss.

Let's see... What else... I liked the little puzzles you guys put in a couple of the missions. Breaking codes and what not. Small use of that is such a nice touch. Keep it up. (Careful, as it can quickly become tedious if over used.) Back to the Paradise City bar: I like that there are some new Dailies for Dil. And the Dancing was fun. I get a Dance Emote? Keen. Music should have been better during that, though. I like that there's a Dabo table there, too. Place needs Mail, Exchange, Bank access, and a vendor to sell drop-trash to.

Which brings me to the "Bad" - Really very little. There's a bug on the bar roof... At one point walking about halfway and it suddenly goes dark/night. Very weird. Also strange, I'm a Fed, and at one point in one of the last two missions (I wish I would have noted exactly where), my BO pops up and starts VOing as Tovan Khev. I was like: WTF?!?. It only happened through one dialogue box.

Law had some inconsistencies. It seems the fellow can't decide what he looks like. In the mission text (and the DOff's info page), Law is supposed to be Romulan, but in his mission dialog box pictures/cut scenes, he does not have pointy ears (nor forehead ridges). His DOff profile pic looks totally different (has dark hair and romulan ears/ridges). You guys did a good job transferring the look of the Leeta character to the special DOff, I was disappointed to have what appears to be a generic Romulan pic for Law. Also, while Thanks (!) for the Purple Projectile Weapons Officer, I'd've thought him to be a Security Guard, Armory or Assault Squad Officer, or heck maybe even a Diplomat, Advisor, or Consultant now.

I wish Nimbus III had day/night shifting like Bajor. I'd love to watch a sunset/rise over the desert. Likewise, I'd love to see Paradise City lit-up with cheap neon. And shouldn't Worms count towards the Beast accolades (or have their own)? And how dare you tease us Fed Accolade Hunters with a single Klingon Rebel Kill. I'm not redoing that mission a 1,000 times to complete that Accolade chain. LOL Please give us Feds more Klingon Rebel Ground sources.

What little space combat you guys had in the Wasteland arc was disappointing. I did like "winning the traders over" by saving them and fixing their ships (great dialog from those captains), but at one point you have some cool build-up of allies to fight the Romulan fleet, and then their leader bails, and it's a boring fight afterwards.

Also, you give us a choice to capture or kill Hussan, and there doesn't appear to be any affect from that choice (there really should have been an pair of accolades there, at least).

In closing - Thanks for the outstanding new Adventure Zone!! I'm really looking forward to going through it again on my Romulan (who only just got to the Wasteland arc), and getting back for more dancing with my Fed.

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