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06-18-2013, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
Do you think my idea of scaling the discounts to favour smaller fleets that'll be stuck in T1/T2 longest (to like 8%/12%/15% for T1/T2/T3 respectively) could be exploited?

As for how to benefit smaller fleets more, don't smaller fleet have more fleet creds? Individuals are inputting more stuff compared to members of larger fleets and so have more FC's to spare? (myself am floating around 2mil unused FC's).

Could FC's themselves be used as an alternative input for some projects? Instead of, or to decrease, FM's and dil requirements?
Larger fleets would have a harder time getting FC's to handle those projects?
Having the option to feed FC into the SB to pay for projects as an alternate cost would be an interesting idea, as long as its a reasonable rate. Currently this is partially done with the doff vendor but the smaller the fleet is the more FC each person will have. Large fleets might use it with the people that normally contibute the most. Although I would expect them to be mostly just hoarding their FC for the stores in new holdings that are added. Don't want to spend all your FC then have them add a holding that sells tac consoles.

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