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In MMO's i like to mix it up a little, use the tools which are not part of the norm, and STO is no different.

I love using melee, in fact recently, I was part of an all-melee squad on a ground STF elite(khitomer in stasis) and it was brilliant! the Borg never stood a chance, and we got the optional with time to spare. This happened, as with Melee, you dont have to worry about shields, and because melee weapons score more crits, and generally have a higher DPS (due to the lack of range). Oh, and no frequency modulations! yay!

I Decided though, that instead of players holding the weapons, I wanted to see how my NPC away team do. My current team consists of:

Me (Klingon) - Tac - Lobi Crystalline Sword

Orion Female - Sci - tsunkatse falchion

Orion Female - Eng - tsunkatse falchion

Orion Female - Tac - Shattering Crystalline Sword

Nausican Male - Tac - Naausican Tegolar Sword

Yeah, plenty of Orion ladies I know, but i assure you they are all wearing the full Bortasqu' Uniform, so they are completely covered!

I kept away from the Bat'leth and the Lirpa, as they tend to have a much slower hit rate. With this away team, I was amazed to see that we were taking enemies out pretty much as soon as we came across them. I have never seen effectiveness from a genre of weapons in STO. After seeing the effectiveness, I am not switching back to energy weapons ever again!

Forget energy weapons, try going total melee with your away team, and practise on the scorpions at Nimbus III. Once your confident, then head for the stronghold, and try attacking pirates You'll find they will fall so fast that they will all be dead before you get your third swing in!

Recently, I have seen a huge increase in players who are religious with Melee, and its made my STF missions a lot easier! I hope to see much more.

Does anyone else run an all-melee away team? What would you like to see improved? I would love to see the hit rate on the Lirpa and the Bat'leth increased. I can accept that to keep with balance, the DPS may have to drop slightly, but I would be happy with that.

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