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Q: (testcliry) Will it be possible in the future to design your Fleet bases individually and to have proper wars vs. AI or PvP?

Dstahl: One of our goals with the Fleet Starbases is to include them in PvP and territory control. One of the reasons we included operational assets was so that there were ways to improve the chances of your Starbase of surviving a PvP match, so that is definitely something we want to see in the future. We have also discussed new external Starbase designs that players could construct. Eventually we want players to be able to have custom looking Starbases based on tier and functionality. One of the big requests we get that we?re considering is when can players make their own ?DS9? looking station. That may very well happen in the future.

From Dec 2012 Ask Cryptic

Anyone have any idea about PVP? I have been hearing PVP revamp since I started playing game 2 years ago lol.

This seems like a no brainer as it would make people spend tons of $ to gear up their ships as well as $ to have all 4 boffs piloting ships with top gear (fleet admiral rank PVP territory control?)

Many have made ideas about doing this. Again I will mention just how engaging this would be for players. Having some built in control for calling reinforcements/controlling npc fleets would be nice. Will be interesting if they can do this with fleet admiral so you can have your boffs control ships instead of using basic NPCs for the mission.

Round 1 - initial assault on starbase outer defenses. This would involve large PVE fleets attacking starbase turrets. Players defending would need to keep turning these turrets online as well as defending. 5 minute timed event to destroy all turrets. If attacking team can disable all turrets in time, then they are given some PVE reinforcements in round 2.

Round 2 - starbase assault - players attack the fabricator, com array etc. similar to starbase defense. Attacking fleets will have limited number of pve craft available. the better they did on round 1 means more ships to help the attack. 13 minute timed attack. The goal is to disable all 4 fleet stations and then escort boarding craft to the starbase. 10 transports will attempt to reach the starbase in order to board the station.

Round 3 - starbase ground assault 7 minute timed attack. depending on how many assault craft made it to the station, this will give advantage to the attacking team to have more reinforcements avaialble. The goal is to fight through all 3 levels of the starbase, destroying the security station on each. Finally the final battle in engineering takes place where enemies try to destabilize the warp core by planting explosives. Attacking players will have a menu to beam to any level of the starbase instantly, while defending players will need to use their turbolift. (there will be a defensive station close to turbolift station to prevent spawn camping). Can also add a capture the flag type mechanic where attacking players try to steal dilithium crystals in a container and bring it to the ops for beam out. Protect the VIP where the station commander NPC must be kept alive during the attack. Lots of little mini missions.

Final tally, points awarded during each wave.
Round 1 - how many of the 10 turrets were disabled. - how many enemies defeated.
Round 2 - were all 4 holdings disabled? how many of 10 transports arrived at station? how many enemies defeated.
Round 3 - warp core destabilized? how many enemies defeated? how many bombs detonated? vip killed? how many dil containers stolen?
Top team score gives Fleet marks/PVP marks, dilithium reward based on scoring.a
All welcome, pm @animusrevertendi
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