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First off thanks for taking the time to look at this post.

About us
Precision Strike Unit was founded on Stardate: 89955.25. We started out with the intention of having a fleet that was based on having quality players and focused on friendship and respect for each other to help us reach our goals. One year on we still hold to the same ideals and we are now looking to expand our member base. The Fleet is open and welcoming to people of all nationalities, genders, ethnicities and orientations across the globe. We are looking to recruit people of all experience levels. Federation and Romulan, From those who have played for years to those only just starting out on their STO journey all are welcome as long as they have a friendly personality and enjoy a laugh and joke, but also have a hard working team mentality and want to help their fleet progress with its endeavours such as Starbase & Embassy projects.

What we can do for members
We can offer new members all the help and advice they may need with regards to getting the best out of their Ships & Ground skills and ways to make in game resources effectively. We also have all at our member?s disposal the resources of our Tier 4 Starbase & Shipyard which is moving swiftly in progress likewise our Embassy & Dilithium Mine. We are veering towards becoming a vent orientated fleet and while it is not something that members have to use it is encouraged as it helps to coordinate STF?S, Fleet / Rep missions as well as just having a laugh while playing.

Our Activities
We run regular Fleet & Rep Mark Missions, Elite STF's, new Romulus, Defra Invasion Zones, Nakura Prime & any other events here and there that come up. Some of our members also enjoy the odd bit of role-play and have a dedicated vent room if they wish to use it.

Moving Forward

If you have any further questions about us or would like to join then please pvt message or mail @alanwoocock, @trobil, @dylan7of9, @warpsinuniverse or @talpar
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