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06-20-2013, 07:31 AM

I think you would want something like that.

A few issues I see that are pretty common ones.

Firstly you have no spike at all. All cannons really don't work anymore. There is to much healing for that to be able to spike any half decent players down. Even poor ones in general can tank most all cannon attacks with just random procs from rep and consoles ect.

Another issue you have no armour at all. Its hard to get by with no armour at all. Due to all the shield healing Direct to hull attacks like DEM and TBR are popular. So you will likely want to drop down to one field gen and one Neutronium armour. Also remember to use brace for impact when ever you see TBR... or are getting shot at by some cruiser running DEM 3.

Now on to doffs... you have one Attack Pattern doff to many. You don't need 3... you want 2 and then 2 attack patterns. I would go Omega 3 + Delta 1... with 2 doffs this will be a perfect roll for you. You can run beta or delta 1... I would suggest you go with delta as you will gain the defense bonus on it no matter what. To use it properly be willing to cast it on teammates that are under fire. You will give them the resistance and you will also debuff there attackers which you can then attack Delta is the most "Escort" Style skill we have.

The shield doffs I would loose. They are a nice heal its true... but you will be much better off keeping your EPTS and EPTE up all the time. I also would switch out the EPTW for EPTE. I know the weapon bonus is tempting but in pvp you will be much better served with dmg being able to move faster then other people (or at the same speed as) and get better position. Run 2 Damage Control doffs. Blue ones are good enough honestly... they will give you a 30% chance to set your EPTX and global. By running 2 different system EPTx 2 Blue dmg control will again make for an almost perfect roll. You may end up with less then perfect uptime now and then but it won't happen often. You Can if you really want to ensure 100% uptime run a third dmg control.

The last doff slot though I would run the new Energy Weapon doff that has a chance to proc +20 shield power. With the amount of energy weapons you have you should be procing that +20 fairly consistanlty.

Lastly You will notice I only put one Rapid fire on the build. I know some people would say put a rapid fire 1 in instead of the overload 2... however I don't think that will help you much. I think you would be better off to opt for the spike... and use tac init to roll rapid fire 2 for as long as you can.

In PvP you are going to have to set your kills up. You want to spike with your overloads between peoples tac teams.... and you are going to want to learn how to watch and count their buffs. You can drop all the DPS you want but if your putting into people that have 60% shield resists up ect... it won't be very effective. However with some practice you will start noticing when its time to spike people... and when people have been Sci Fd by fellow players ect.

Hope it helps have fun.
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06-21-2013, 05:25 AM
well OP i think you see a clear trend in the feedback, and you've been pointed to smoe very good resources. Potential build improvements have all been covered by now.

Boot Camp, or opvp are your friends. if you see a PvP BootCamp coach (its an in-game title) feel free to ask for a quick 1v1 for some advice. Check Opvp as well. many great escort pilots in there. There is more to PvP then just the gear (in most circumstances). All cannon doesn't have burst, once you understand that you can make your own decision if that is the style that you want to adopt or not.

Compared to Covariants, resilient combination of higher regen and 5% bleedthrough can be quite addictive once you've gotten used to it.

Fly with what you like, and don't be shy to ask for help.

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