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06-21-2013, 06:50 AM
Personally I don`t mind the selling of fleetgear and ships. Problem with some smaller fleets is that they originated and founded by someone who want`s to be a fleetleader for status or wants a own fleetname. I think those fleets will never grow.

An idea for helping smaller fleets, is the use of the embassy. Small fleets can request help for building their starbase. This will be an upgrade project which costs some EC and Dili. When filled, a special console in the embassy (somewhat like the exchange) will display the "need for help" which fleetleaders / ambassadors can accept. It will then show-up in the own project cue from the starbase from the helping fleet. In return for helping, the large fleet will earn bonus credits. These can be used for interior decorations of the starbase/embassy. (not fishtanks )
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Some sort of alliances between small and large fleets are a very good idea. That way player in large fleets could finally put some items and fm into projects, and small fleets could progress. Same amount of in game currencies are spend, fleet variety is maintained.

And let me mention another possibility - the fleet merge option.
One easy way it could work would be: Dump 70% of already spend dilithium and fm of the absorbed fleet into a holding tank, the rest will vanish (transfer tax). The absorbing fleet can use the accumulated dili and fm for new projects (no fc when the holding tank is used) - that way no unfair benefit regarding faster progress is achieved.
So at least not all spent items of the absorbed fleet would be lost - members of the absorbed fleet still would have achieved something (makes the decision to abandon fleet a lot easier).

There are solutions for the issues small fleets are having, but something has to happen.

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06-21-2013, 09:59 AM
It would be nice if there was a possibility to have a smaller organisation that has reachable goals for smaller fleets. For instance, a possibility to organise 'Squadrons' that can be independent or choose to align with a fleet. Where squadrons can choose to participate in fleet projects, but also have their own projects.

As for allowing fleet products to be sold: I think that should actually be stimulated. If a fleet is strong and organised enough to be the first to offer some new items, let them be able to get some return on their investments by selling of their new products. Good for non- and small fleet people, and good for the guys putting in tons of time and resources. Competition will keep prices in check.
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06-21-2013, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by gatsie7 View Post
This has to do with the Fleet base. First we should not be allowed to sell access to fleet items to none fleet members this includes letting them join just so they can get what they paid for and then leave. in my opinion this hurts those fleets that try to get members to join and help build the base ( after all why build when you can buy what you need ). Second the interior of the fleet base is completely unlocked and never gets any bigger when the exterior gets larger with the tier increase. makes no sense ( the new fleet base should have only the ops level and then expand from there) Third Why is it the we can see the shuttle bay but can not go to the shuttle bay? (seems that we spent the time to unlock the ability to use the shuttle transport to and from embassy just to get a little popup that allows this to be possible)
I know these all seems trivial but as I said it is my opinion and in my opinion all fleet items should be fleet bound therefore if you want a tier 5 ship then stay with that fleet or lose you fleet item ( and yes I left my fleet and bought a ship from another and yes I would be fine with losing it for I did not earn the right to use it I bought it)

The Fleets that are at tier 5 and are selling access to fleet bases are hindering smaller fleets from recruiting after all why go through all the trouble and time when we can buy our way to the top.

I am not posting this in anger it is only my opinion and what I have noticed also I can afford to buy what ever I want in game but choose not to on principle as I said earlier I have a tier 3 fleet ship that I bought from another fleet but no longer use it.

To P.W.E. I will say this , if Their was an exploit that caused you negative income you would fix it instantly so why would you not fix nor care about this? So again in my opinion as long as it does not affect your bottom line than you do not care if it affects us in game. NOT A VERY GOOD WAY TO KEEP PLAYERS AROUND!
dont really care about that. it just makes it easier for everyone. i made 100mil selling fleet items to strangers
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06-21-2013, 11:42 AM
Who says there is no Ferengi faction

I personally don't care for the practice of selling fleet gear, and prefer to work for it (and not in that fun spanky kind of way). However, I do realize that not everyone wants to invest the time in doing so... that means there is a market for people that will buy (and pay extraordinary prices for) fleet gear. Nothing wrong with that... and nothing wrong with the fleets, who worked hard to get to T5, selling their gear/provisions, if that is what they choose to do.

Now, how the proceeds are distributed, thats another matter... a previous poster commented that HE made 100,000,000 credits selling access to fleet gear... that kind of bothers me on its face value, if there are 100 people in the fleet, that contributed to building that base... shouldn't they all get a cut of that 100 Mil?
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06-21-2013, 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by ghostsofwar116 View Post
This is just me brainstorming a bit, but why not do it this way, the max number of members in a fleet is 500 as of right now correct. Ok for those of you who understand Qbasic you will get what this is: If "Fleet" > 400 Then "Cost" = 100% Else "Fleet" < 400
If "Fleet" <> 200 Then "Cost" = 50% Else "Fleet" < 200
If "Fleet" < 200 Then "Cost" = 25% Else "Fleet" > 200

A simple scale based on Fleet size will do perfectly.

400-500 is equal to 100% cost
200-399 is equal to 75% cost
90-199 is equal to 50% cost
10-89 is equal to 25% cost

Or something along those lines, messing around with the numbers of course.

A full 500 person fleet should have no really problems getting a Tier 5 starbase, but a 40 person fleet will struggle to get past Tier 3 unless there is a change in the scales
This is the only real reasonable solution to the fleet projects scale. Right now we are all scaled at 500 members even if you have 10. The whole fleet system should scale with the size of the fleet, period.

Yes there is a chance of an exploit happening such as kick members fill the project, and re-recruit members but that can be preventable with a simple lock on creating new projects if there was a large scale member reduction. Say 72 hours if enough members were kicked or left to drop the fleet to a lower level with a 10 member buffer because members will come and go.

Then projects that are not completed will scale to the fleet size if the fleet gets enough new members to go up to the next bracket. It will not scale down though.

As for selling fleet items by recruiting them so they can buy? Nothing wrong with that. You might like the fleet you are on but want fleet weapons, so you swap fleets, buy them and then swap back. That is all that does is make people swap fleets temporarily and if they leave permanently chances are you didnt want them in your fleet anyway.
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I am in a Fed Fleet that sometimes has up to 500 members or very close to it, and complete starbase and embassy, but despite what many people like to believe, you are not just a faceless member in a large fleet. If you are one of the casual weekend only people it might take awhile for people to get to know you, but most of the regular everyday people all know each other. Its not like the Fleet leaders don't know you or anything. Most large fleets have a solid core of 50-100 people that are all friends or at least somewhat get along and see each other and do STFs and events together each day.

The roster size may say 500, but lots of those people are fine to just play solo and contribute when they can or just occaisonally play a day here and there, nothing wrong with that as long as they can contribute some, no reason to keep those people out of our fleet.

What baffles me is why many small fleets want to intentionally stay small and not recruit. Not everyone in the fleet has to be your friend, you can have your core of your fleet that is friends and still have room for all the casual and less social people, they still contribute even if they don't do much with the fleet. Small fleets not recuiting these people is how we manage to get all of them and grow faster.

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