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# 1 Atmosphere Assault
06-22-2013, 07:29 AM
I played this for the first time today (don't ask me why I hadn't played it since it's been out for a month, I just hadn't gotten around to it).

The area was amazing, it's the first time we see space combat from an aircraft perspective. I really enjoyed just staring around and seeing the Romulan city, the horizon and even the Elachi walkers landing and you having to fight them in a small craft. That was a very nice surprise and very enjoyable indeed, made the whole thing seem awesome in my eyes.

The objectives, okay they weren't anything spectacular, just shoot everything and if you're quick enough you get a bonus reward. But they were nice enough, especially since they seemed like aerial combat because of the graphics. It was a welcome change to see ship combat inside a planet rather than in the stars.

What also drew me to it was that it needs a small craft, not a starship. I like small craft and it's nice to see some content for them. To be honest, I don't see how it would have made any sense if it was in a starship.

It has become my new favourite space STF (I just call all queues like that, even if they don't have Borg). Kudos to the devs!
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