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# 1 STF systems
06-22-2013, 03:20 PM
I was talking to a couple of friends in game today (pretty much all I do with the rep system spoiling everyone's fun) about the rep system and the old system, now I don't expect the rep system to go away but I do think the old system should be put back in alongside it.

It would serve to:
- Make DS9 inhabited again
- Give Roxy her job back
- Allow people to get the lower level sets faster (making collectors like me happier)
- Return some of the fun that the reputation system removed from STFs
- Guarantee people Mk XII sets if they work the rep system
- Make money from those who don't want the Mk XII wait
- Keep the rep powers that already exist

This could also be put into some of the Nukara and Romulan missions somehow for example putting back the chance boxes on Nukara prime for the ground set and putting set part drop chances into Crystaline Entity and Azura Nebula rescue. Perhaps add some Tal Shiar based STFs for the Romulan/Reman bits and bobs with a backstory of defending New Romulus from attacks or rescuing colonists under attack (Virinat style scenario in a space battle) to drop bits of the Romulan space set.

I would be in favour of this, who else would be?
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