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I picked up the web mine launcher, its a very powerful weapon, 30 sec cd, physical damage that scales with aux power, tac buffs do buff its damage further, did some testing with them with some fleet mates.

- 2 mines launched takes 40% of an escorts hull unbuffed.
- the stun is similar to the tric mines, AP omega does not grey out.
- A full dispersal pattern beta 3 is an instant kill regardless of buffs.
- A full pattern beta 2 with tac buffs will bring an escort to 25% hull buffed.
- The physical damage scales with aux power, damage starts at 1502-1665 per mine, per 0.5 secs. Awesome science capt weapon, (finally).
- Easily killed in group combat, same as any other mine.
- the physical damage dealt cannot be reduced, as its physical, we don`t have a physical resist on our ships.

Conclusion, they are very powerful, to powerful in the hands of a tac, Similar to the one hit kills from tricobalt mines, probably bugged with there damage being dealt. As the fleet mates said it was ticking for 4-5k per tick, while I was unbuffed, and a lot more while I was buffed. The mine does say Its supposed to be 50% shield penetration, seems its all penetrating, or bypassing, cause my fleet mates took almost no shield damage when hit with the mines.

All in all, a good weapon, needs a bit of balancing an bug fixing, I say they should scale stronger with aux power, less damage with lower aux (50) should deal 1000 damage per mine per 0.5 secs up to 1665 with 125 aux. That would allow sci captains to have a damage dealing ability that works with there debuffs, an tacs can only match its damage with tac buffs in a spike damage application. That's all provided cryptic verifys its working properly, but I suspect its not.

I did notice I cannot see there damage being dealt, in the combatlog, on my screen, or in my combat tracker (advanced combat tracker). But my fleet mates could see it the screen on the receiving end.

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