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So... I've heard a few other people complain about this same thing in-game, but I'm not sure if it's a universal thing or if it just effects some folks. Anyway, it seems like after the most recent patch on Thursday, instead of "Server not responding" or disconnect related (server-side or network related) lag issues, I am now having interface (client side) lag related issues.

My computer doesn't have other open applications and has plenty of free RAM and processor power, but I am now getting mouse trails/lag and keyboard lag (where I click or type something and it takes 3-10+ seconds for the client to respond. Then when it does, it does everything all at once).

I am glad that I'm not being disconnected from server or getting 30+ seconds at a time of "server not responding", but if this is the trade off, it's not any better. It's difficult to run STF's or arena missions when the interface in effect freezes once per minute or so. I've disabled on-demand patching to reduce loading lag, and I use minimal graphics settings. Is there any work-around here or anything I can do to make the game functional until this issue is resolved permanently? I haven't tried "lego-mode" (half resolution setting) but I suppose I can play that way for a while if it means no interface lag issues...

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,


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