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Update below

I was playing STO and started to switch characters, when I did the game crashed and I got this error message

" 23 Client[0 [NOENT]]: Error decompressing data. Verifying Files in the launcher may fix this issue.: Bin/Uitextureassembly#romulan.Bin: "

Ok, no problem, it's a pain but I have done it before, only now I am unable to run the verify because the launcher just stops at a certain point.

Run launcher
Enter password
Version number appears with animated "..."
Version number is replaced with "Patching" and that's where it stops, there is not even the animated "..."

The rest of the launcher is not frozen, the links still work and open pages in my browser, and it can be closed by clicking the window [X]

But there is no network activity, no HD activity, nothing, the "cancel" button is present but pressing it does nothing.

I tried downloading a new launcher, but the same thing occurs.

No error messages from the launcher.

The only thing it is doing is cycling through the C-Store promotions as normal.

Going to reboot and try again.

Really hoping to avoid installing it again.

Any Ideas?


Reboot worked... thinking a process was stuck somewhere in memory

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